Using CTMH Zip Strips

To create this clean and simple layout, all that’s needed is some CTMH zip strips and cardstock. Arrange your design into a grid, and voila! You’re done! The you’re special element has been floating around for quite some time…it finally found its home on this layout.

Products used

– Thistle cardstock X5976

– Black cardstock 1386

– White Daisy cardstock 1385

*- Silver & Gold Paper Packet (zip strip) X7226B

*Note: the other two zip strips came from retired paper packets- Little Dreamer and Charlotte


CTMH Silver & Gold Extras

Hi everyone, TGIF!!

I have a question to ask my wonderful readers:

Is any of you interested in purchasing an 8- Card Christmas kit made from left over supplies I have from an upcoming workshop?

This sample card is FREE if you purchase all 8 cards (I’m asking $16 Canadian), or $2 each, including the sample card.

All the hard work is done for you, including cutting and stamping, so you’ll need nothing other than a tape runner or UHU glue stick.

This offer is available to everyone! Payment can be made by etransfer or PayPal (I just haven’t used it in ages and I forget how it works! Minor detail, lol).

Please comment below to claim this kit! I will sell them individually, but keep in mind there’s only 1 sample card!

There’s More to CTMH Than Meets the Eye

I’ve often mentioned that Close to My Heart isn’t just for card makers and scrapbookers. While the majority of this company caters to paper crafters in that capacity, when you think outside of the box, you’ll find that there’s a lot of things you can create using our products that are distinctly different from scrapbooking!

Here’s some visual evidence. Follow the link to Close to My Hearts’ blog and soak it all in while you sip your cup of coffee or chai tea. Enjoy!

CTMH Happy Moments Layout

The best part of the day has got to be sunrises and sunsets. In the city, they’re harder to see, but here in my town they’re beyond spectacular. In the picture above, I caught the sunset. (People were raving about it on our local rant and rave FB page. I decided to check it out for myself. WOW!) The sunrises are just as breathtaking, though the colours are softer and pastel-like. I was lucky to get this shot!

I used embellishments (Complements) that coordinate with the Whimsy Fundamentals bundle. It’s called Happy Moments, I believe. At the moment, it’s out of stock, but once it’s replenished, it’ll be available for purchase again.

CTMH A Little Bit of Pun Layout

Brr what a chilly afternoon it is! I just walked to the school to pick the kids up, and I nearly froze to death! My ears and cheeks feel wind burned, and my legs are like frozen drumsticks. A storm is blowing in, and of course it would need to start making its way into our area just when I needed to leave the house. My husband told me it was beautiful earlier today. Just my luck. Oh well, when I leave the house next, it’ll be in my car. Luckily I won’t have to walk very far.

My kids tell me every so often that other kids make fun of them because they’re nerds. They’re nerds because they dress fairly eccentrically. I tell them to be proud of who they are- they are experimenting with their idea of fashion, and no one should make them feel silly for exploring what makes them feel good. Other than clothes, jewelry makes my girls feel good, too. They take after their mom- I love sparkly and pretty things just as much as they do. An outfit isn’t complete without some sort of jewelry around your neck, wrist or on your ears.

This picture of Miss A makes me smile. She loaded on the jewelry and she looks perfect. Even with her messy bed head hair. Most of it came from her grandparents- a few things even came from her great grandmother. That alone makes it extra special.

The stamp set I used to create the title came from a CTMH stamp set that hasn’t been released to the public yet. Its an upcoming stamp of the month (December’s, so stay tuned), but I thought it would work perfectly here! Wouldn’t you agree?!

Products Used

S1712 A Little Bit of Pun My Acrylix Stamp Set

-X5954 Pewter cardstock

-Z2849 Peacock Exclusive Ink

-X5958 Peacock cardstock

-1385 White Daisy cardstock

-Z1375 Kraft cardstock

& Breathe CTMH Jack Layout

This layout seems fitting on a chilly and snowy day like today. It hasn’t snowed much, but it’s sure trying to. The snowflakes look pretty- it didn’t occur to me until now to try and snap a shot of it. Hmm. If we go out again this afternoon, I’ll try. They’re small and delicate looking. So pretty!

I used leftover Jack for the background and matted my photo and scrap Oh, Deer paper on kraft and New England Ivy cardstock. The giant ampersand came from Some Kinda Wonderful Complements; the rest of the title was created with my Cricut. (Using Art Philosophy).

If I don’t go out again this afternoon, I might just sit with my chai tea latte and breathe…

I need to remember to do that more often 😊

By the way- I have new goodies to play with, so keep an eye out for layouts and projects using new papers and embellishments in the near future!

CTMH Silver & Gold Christmas Home Decor

I know Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, and neither has rememberance day. I know it’s on your mind, though! It’s on mine, and I’m certain I’m not alone in this. Remembering our veterans is very important. I feel it’s important to not forget their part in giving us the freedoms we have today. On the other hand, I love Christmas and can’t wait to celebrate and enjoy the season!

This would be why I’m sharing this image. If you’re thinking about the holiday season, maybe this would be a nice addition to your festive decor. You don’t need to be a Scrapbooker or cardmaker to make this! 

If you’re interested in creating these, hit me up. I’ll send the product list and instructions your way!

CTMH Silver & Gold Got Kids? Layout

If you’ve got kids, you know how fast messes happen, and how slowly they’re cleaned up afterwards. Sometimes, our Elf shows up and expresses her disapproval to the twins. They take it pretty hard, but score for Mom! 

With my leftover Silver & Gold patterned paper, I created this festive layout. It isn’t necessarily Christmas (I think I was scrapping October sometime) but since Snowflake made an appearance, I thought Christmas paper was fitting. 

I also had to throw in a dash of the gorgeous Bashful Ink- I love it paired with the pewter and basic black colours! It’s a match made in heaven. Wouldn’t you agree?

Products used

 Pewter Exclusive Ink Z2832

– Bashful Exclusive Ink Z2819

– Silver & Gold Paper Packet X7226B

Just a note- the stamp set is retired CTMH product. I’m currently st swimming lessons and can’t look up the product number for you!

This Happened CTMH Layout

It’s Friday. Thank goodness. 

I’ve always had allergies. Or, at least, I developed them when I was young- probably around the same age the twins are now. It began with anything perfumey (scented soaps, perfumes, etc), and gradually expanded to include pet dander and hay fever. 

During my late teens and adulthood, peculiar things began to happen- standing outside a horse barn, my eyes leaked like a faucet and I’d begin wheezing at indoor rodeo events. It was mild, though, so I never thought much of it. 

Two summers ago, that changed. We were at an indoor rodeo in Oyen, and I began wheezing again. It was different this time, though. I felt like I was suffocating, so after a bit, we left. Part of me thought I should see the doctor, but the other part of me thought I felt that way because it was sweltering hot that day. (It was July or August). 

So when September 27 rolled around and I woke up looking like the Michelin blimp, I knew it was more than just a mild reaction. The day before, we had been at a friends’ place putting the trailer away for the season. Before we left, we stopped to pet their horses. (The twins have inherited my obsession with them). 

Doctor B was on call at the hospital when I went in- that’s how he became my family doctor. He prescribed a couple different medications to take care of the reaction, including my epi pen, which I carry with me all the time now. 

After further allergy testing (with my current allergist), I’ve become severely allergic to horses and Timothy grass. I don’t go anywhere near them anymore. I obsess from a distance. I also have allergy-induced asthma.

You’ll notice there’s a blank spot in my layout with 3×3 written on it. I want a picture of horses (ideally G’s), but any will do to complete the story in my layout. I plan to add it once I get it!

For some humour, I thought the unicorns in the Little Dreamer patterned paper was perfect- unicorns are horses too, after all! I paired it with some Jack patterned paper, as well.