CTMH The Purge Layout 

Good morning! TGIF! Another busy weekend is upon us. I’m longing for some peace and quiet. We are finally finished all of our appointments for this month; there’s a few more coming up in November, and then I think things will be relatively ‘quiet’ until the Christmas holidays crowd our schedule again. What are your plans for the weekend?

My husband should be up and spending time with me, considering he isn’t working again today (we’re waiting on the repairman to come and fix the fridge), but instead he’s sleeping on the couch. So, I guess I’m going to scrapbook.

I have a couple layouts to share with you! I’ll share one today, and next time I’ll share the next. I hope you enjoy it!

Some of the embellishments here are not from CTMH, but happily the rest is. I’ve had the fortune cookie in my stash forever. I scratched off the fortune portion to reveal its message, and adhered it with some pop dots. Also, the cork hearts are not CTMH. I think the neutral colour contrasts very nicely with the soft background. I’m in love with the colours!

Here’s the CTMH products that I used:

-1385 White Daisy cardstock

-X7219B Little Dreamer B&T Duos (retired)

-Bulk404 Silver & Gold Patterned Paper

-Z3238 Gold Glitter Paper


CTMH Stronger Together

Good morning! Chores are mostly done- I’m going to play in my haven until my laundry is done, then it’ll be time to pack and get ready for swimming lessons after school and our road trip into Edmonton! Busy, busy!

We somehow escaped the crazy wind that seemed to plague most of the province yesterday…we did have some, but nowhere near the 100 km/hr gusts they were forecasting. I even heard some people heard thunder along with the storm. Then I started hearing about all the other wildfires burning in and around the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Anyone else flabbergasted that we’re still hearing about wildfires so late in the year?! One of them is burning in the area my mother in law lives. Scary stuff!

I’m not sure if I posted it here or not, but there is a stamp set that’s on sale right now through Close to My Heart that was designed with the victims of all the tragedies- natural and otherwise- occurring in the world as of late. If I did post about it, this is a good reminder! See it below.

It is called Stronger Together (item # C1716). The name of the stamp set is inspiring in itself, isn’t it? I love the message it conveys, and find it incredibly true. The world needs to hear this message, IMO. The sentiments in the stamp set are meant to bring strength and encouragement and provide a light in the darkness that many of the victims are experiencing in their lives. All of the proceeds from the sale of this stamp set will go directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts. No commission is collected from the sale of this stamp set; its sole intent is to provide help and relief to those in need.

If you know of anyone that was affected by the devastating hurricanes, wildfires, shootings, earthquakes and any other natural disaster affecting our world, please think about donating to this cause by purchasing this wonderful stamp set. You’ll be helping someone in need. Get yours for $17.25 CAD.


CTMH Beary Christmas Album Workshop

Happy Tuesday! I’m working in high gear this week trying to get caught up and this weeks’ chores done before we head to the city again on Thursday (actually tomorrow night) for more appointments. Life is good, but so crazy these days! We have a wind warning for this afternoon, as well- I’m not looking forward to my hair being blown to smithereens. All that work this morning for nothing! Hopefully it doesn’t hit us until we’re done gymnastics tonight- at 7:30. Then it can blow all it wants. Has the wind hit your area yet?

So, my workshop last weekend was a success. All of the girls enjoyed scrapbooking and are looking forward to the next event. The wheels in the attic were turning while the girls were over, and I asked them how they felt about possibly adding to their current albums (if their parents were ok with it, of course). They thought it sounded like a good idea. I ran it past all of the parents involved, and they are game for an add-on, too.

So, introducing my newest workshop, scheduled for January 2018- Beary Christmas (Everyday Life) Album Workshop. Its for kids only, from ages 5 to 11, and its just $26 + the cost of shipping unless you invite a friend that confirms his or her attendance. Then shipping is free! (You’ll get $10 off your order). Great deal and good incentive, right?! I think so! I created this workshop with the girls that attended my last workshop in mind, but that doesn’t mean newcomers can’t participate, either! Newcomers just need to add the cost of their Everyday Life Mini Album to the total ($26). There’s three beautiful albums to choose from! Everything else is supplied. (Think tape, paper trimmer, Beary Christmas dots, coordinating cardstock and patterned paper, etc.) We’ll set aside a couple hours to get our craft on, a snack will be provided (there’s no extra cost for that!!), and I promise your kids will not want to leave. They didn’t want to leave this past weekend- in fact, one of the girls is coming over again this Saturday for an impromptu crop with the twins. Fun, right?! I might even join in the fun this time!

Want to see the materials we’ll be using to create our Christmas pages with? See below:

Next up- the extra supplies I’ll have on hand for the kids to use (no extra cost):

And, if I have newcomers to the workshop, here’s the album choices:

Choose your favourite album- you only need one! I love both the Sea Glass and Bashful albums (mint and baby pink), but the kids all seemed to love the Black and White stripes. Go figure! The Bashful album will only be available for a limited time (as is the Sea Glass, I believe), so I vote for either of them!

Thanks for joining me today! If you’re interested in signing your child up for this event, please comment below. The deadline to register is December 28, 2017. (To register, please send the workshop fee + $10 CAD for shipping to theeverydayscrapbooker@gmail.com via email transfer. The supplies will be ordered on your behalf on December 29, 2017, allowing enough time for it to ship and still get here on time!) Only available to residents of Whitecourt and/or Edmonton, Alberta.

See you again soon!

Accordion to Me CTMH Card

Good morning! It’s a wet and dreary morning here in northwestern Canada, which is great because I’m going to scrap today! I’m going through crafty withdrawals. I figure it’s high time I get back to it. 

As you know, I held a kid friendly scrapbook workshop on Saturday. If you missed my post about it, you can find it right here.

I thought it would be nice to make cards for each of my guests thanking them for participating and sharing info about my next planned workshop. Today, I thought I’d share it with you. 

To create this card, I used one of the patterns from my CTMH Originals Card pattern books (Lucky Three, pg. 59) and used up some more Little Dreamer and Jack patterned papers. I also threw in some CTMH glitter paper that I’d trimmed down for my Christmas cards and a bit of Sea Glass cardstock for the matted image. The stamped image and sentiment cane from an upcoming stamp of the month. Stay tuned for that!


– X772B Jack

– X7219B Little Dreamer

– 1385 White Daisy cardstock 

– Sea Glass cardstock (retired)

– Z3238 Gold Glitter Paper

– Z2818 Desert Sand Exckusive Inks

– Z2810 Blossom Exclusive Inks

Summer Adventure Fundamentals Kids Workshop

Hello friends! Just dropping in briefly to share some highlights from yesterday’s Adventure Fundamentals Everyday Life Album workshop. Enjoy!

Hmm they uploaded in the wrong order. But, that’s ok. You get the jist. 

Three of yesterday’s participants want to have a Christmas themed workshop- they want to keep adding to their albums! So, stay tuned for another KID friendly Everyday Life workshop!

(For those that are returning, this event will be a continuation of what we started- but we’ll be playing with Christmas products, instead. If you’re new, it’ll be a new event to you). 

Stay tuned for more details- coming soon!

The Silver Lining

Hello friends, I’m just dropping in to give you an update and let you know how things are going. We’ve been fighting an uphill battle, but I’m so happy to report that things are going well. My husband has been home for just over a week, now. He took two weeks off from work, and plans to ease into it once he does go back. Our schedule is very full of appointments over the next six weeks, and there will likely be more over the next 3 to 6 months. What my husband had is very serious, and we’re lucky (and grateful) that he walked away from it. He has what’s called Constrictive Pericarditis. It means that the lining surrounding his heart hardened from fluid that built up in it, so his poor heart is working harder to pump blood through his body. He still sweats (which he never sweated before this), but his stamina is returning, and he feels much better than he did previously. The medication he is on seems to be doing its job. Its rare for a person to develop pericarditis; however, it was confirmed, early on, that his rheumatoid arthritis (a pre-existing condition) was the culprit. We knew that he didn’t have it under control; we just never thought it would get this serious. The silver lining is that we’ve found a new rheumatologist (who already seems to be much better than K’s original rheumatologist. We don’t officially meet him until the 19th), but his students have been such a help to us while K was in the hospital. Even though K was admitted to the Cardiac Unit (and even spent two days in the Cardiac ICU), it was RA all along. And, its none too soon, because K seems to be experiencing joint pain again (associated with RA). He marvelled at the fact that while he was in the hospital, he had no flares. I eventually realized that the ‘flare’ was the pericarditis. Ugh.

But, since coming home, I’ve kept a close eye on K and spent as much time with him as I could (can). This morning was the first time in weeks that I felt comfortable enough to leave him and go for a walk on my own. (He actually had an appointment of his own that I wasn’t required for; it was for something minor and completely unrelated to the current events in our lives). When he goes back to work, he’ll be working 18+ hour days (as much as I dread him doing that) again, so I want to enjoy him as much as I possibly can! I’m so excited, because today we finally have a ‘down’ day, and he told me to scrapbook. I haven’t played in like 3 weeks! I’m really excited about it! (Yet, here I am putzing on the computer, LOL).

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. It was a good weekend- we drove to Edmonton on Saturday to spend the day with my family, then yesterday we had my Father in Law and K’s dear friend over for dinner. I spent Sunday going apple crazy- check out my Facebook if you haven’t already. Here’s just a hint: imagine a milk crate 3/4 full of baking apples that need to be peeled, cored and chopped. That was me. (Happily. I considered it a labor of love. Mostly because I love this time of year!) K helped a bit, but I got the majority of it done myself. And, on top of it, I baked an apple crumble for dinner yesterday, a pistachio pie and 6 loaves of pumpkin loaf. I also wanted to make apple pie, but I forgot to get K to buy me lard while he was out at the grocery store! IF we get any more snow this week, I may just hunker down and get those pies done. Wednesday and Thursday are write offs, so it’ll have to be Friday.

Well, now that I’ve rambled on long enough, I’ll sign off here. I would hate to bore you with the mundane events and facts on my life. I will not be back (likely) again until next week, when my husband ventures out into the oil patch again. My presence here may be limited for the foreseeable future as I don’t know how consistently my husband will work. I will, however, make a point of dropping in when I can to keep you updated and share CTMH! Projects will be a bit yet until I’ve got some things to share with you 🙂 To all my fellow Canadians- Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone- I’ll see you again soon!

A Nightmare

Well folks, here’s the reason it’s been so quiet here again. A little story in pictures…

It’s been an excruciating four days. My husband had a bout of pericarditis a week and a half ago. Four days ago, he was rushed by ambulance to Edmonton for a possible pulmonary blood clot. Turns out he has fluid on his heart in addition to the inflammation. 

Thankfully, he’s on the mend! But, you’ll not see me until we are back home. 

I’m thinking of you and love you all! Be back when I can ❤️

CTMH Smile Layout

Hello friends, this will be a quick post (again) because life is going to interrupt very shortly (again). 

How often do you use journaling cards in your layouts, and why do you use them? Is it quick to create, easy to work with or another reason? Maybe it works best with a particular sketch you found.

I used journaling cards here simply for that reason- I figured it would work the best with the sketch I’d chosen as my inspiration. (It cane from Pinterest, by the way). 

I also created my own journaling card using CTMH stamps and ink. I completed my layout with extra stickers from the Adventure Cut Above Kit I used here.

Silver & Gold Workshop

Hello friends. Forgive my absence yesterday, we had a last minute appointment in Edmonton. Today, I enjoyed the peace and quiet of being home alone. The weather is miserable, so it was a great day for introverting and scrapbooking.

I prepped for my Fall Card workshop, which is Friday, and then I created card samples for my upcoming Christmas workshop. Once that was done, I dove into starting my Christmas cards! 

No, I’m not starting too early. I don’t have enough supplies to create them, so I’ll add more with Octobers order. Since it’ll take time, I won’t rush through making them 😊

Here, I’d love to show you what we’re making. I absolutely love them!

I followed the CTMH Creative Insider cutting guide to create the middle card and the card to the right. But, instead of strictly using the Pewter ink, I swapped it out for Bashful. I also based the card on the left on a card found within the Silver & Gold Workshop Your Way kit. It’s a bonus project, but loved it! That card was also tweaked just a teensy bit from the original. 

I just ADORE Bashful paired with the gold shimmer trim and all new Pewter ink. It adds a touch of femininity and softness. And, I love the non-traditional Christmas colour scheme. Those patterns? Divine!

This workshop is taking place November 18, 2017. If you’re interested in attending, please rsvp by November 3, 2017. 

If you love these cards but live too far away to attend my workshop, I have good news! As an alternative, I’ll create a cutting guide so you have the freedom to create at your own speed, in your own home. It’s yours FREE if you place an order with me (only for residents within the borders of Canada 🇨🇦).

If that’s you, please contact me. I’d love to help you get creative!

*Just a note, my cutting guide will be based on the cutting guides I used to create my samples, but it’ll reflect the changes I made to them for my own workshop. 

CTMH School Year Layout

Good morning, friends.

I mixed products in the layout I’m sharing with you today. I wanted to use papers that were academic in nature, so broke out some of my Recollections patterned paper and went to town. The stamp set I used is CTMH and also school themed.

Products used:

-S1708 School Year Stamp of the month (retired)

-D1706 School Kids My Acrylix Stamp set

-Z2805 Black Exclusives Ink

– Sea Glass Exclusives Ink (retired)

-Z2854 Pomegranate Exclusives Ink

-Z2811 Chocolate Exclusives Ink