I’m always on the look out for simple cards to make- I absolutely am a fan of the clean and simple style of card making and scrapbooking.  I like to stick to quick and easy projects- so much,  in fact, that it’s become personal policy. I also love shabby chic scrapbooking and card making, but I feel like it’s way out of my creative realm!

In my quest, which is nearly on a daily basis, I came across these gems, which you’ll also find buried in the depths of my Pinterest. (If inquiring minds must know, you’ll find me on Pinterest as Alison Krogsgaard;  the board in question is card scraplifts). One of these days, I will re-create them! What do you think?



It doesn’t say so, but this card screams Jillibean Soup to me. Would anyone know for sure? One word sums up my feelings on this card: LOVE!!


So, there’s your daily dose of inspiration. Where do you turn for inspiration, or to be inspired?


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