Inspiration Starters

Yesterday at Arts in the Park, I spoke with a lady that is recently retired and interested in devoting more time to card making and scrapbooking.  She was looking for specific theme ideas, such as moving and school. She wanted to be able to create a bunch of cards with all your typical everyday themes and keep them on hand for when any particular occasion would arise.
The problem? She didn’t know where to start. Her main objective is inspiration.  I think that’s a common objective for nearly everyone that creates.  It is for me. Sometimes an idea comes by quickly and easily, and other times, we struggle to find inspiration of any kind. So, where do we go to find inspiration?
Here’s a few idea books and magazine publications that you might find helpful:
First, I came across this craft and create idea book in my Facebook news feed this morning. As some of you know, Carta Bella and Echo Park are two of my most favourite paper manufacturers.  They teamed up and produced an idea book to help inspire us! The best part is its great for more than just layouts and cards! Even better, is its a FREE download. Get it while it’s hot!


Secondly, I sent our current Close to My Heart catalog home with the lady I was talking with.  In addition to being a product catalog, there’s also some fabulous card and layout ideas in there, too! In addition, there are about 6 idea books published by Close to My Heart, which are available to purchase through CTMH. All the ideas found in them are based on projects made by the founder, Jeanette R. Lynton.  As you may recall, some of my current layouts and cards were made using CTMH’s idea books.  (And, I plan to use more of them, because a huge hit at the show yesterday was this card):


Just an FYI, I am making a list of people that are interested in our newest idea book, which is coming out on August 1. If you’re interested in getting one, please let me know, so I can add you to this list! I haven’t done so yet, but plan to order them once I know (roughly) how many of you are interested in getting one.


The next two images are my two favourite scrapbooking magazines: Canadian Scrapbooker and Creating Keepsakes.  Both magazines feature sections within their publications that provide step by step instructions for completing certain projects, not to mention multitudes of color images of projects you could recreate without step by step instructions. They’re full to the brim with inspiration!
Canadian Scrapbooker takes it to the next level by challenging you to get involved. Kelly Klapstein’s Double the Fun challenge allows participants to interpret a two page layout sketch that she’s designed. In addition, they also hold a monthly scrapbook sketch challenge. Both sketches, as well as an online gallery and scrapbooking community, can be found on their website at http://www.canadianscrapbooker.ca.
The best incentive to tackle these sketches, is potentially being published in their magazine- should you submit your handiwork. (I strongly urge you to submit your work- I did, and I never thought in a million years I’d be published. I’ve been published twice, now. It CAN happen!) It’s strangely addicting…I want to be published more!



Lastly, a magazine that I’ve bought in the past but don’t particularly care for (but you might love!), is Cardmaker magazine. Each page explains, step by step, how to create the cards on it.


Have I missed any? Do you have any favourite inspiration publications or idea books?


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