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Special Card

I’ve recently begun following my favourite blogs again, using Bloglovin’. When I made the switch to Weebly,  which is where I blogged for the last year, I wasn’t able to save my favourite blogs through an RSS feed- or at least, I didn’t know how to add it to my blog. I severely lost touch, and it made me sad. Also, it didn’t jive with my mission- to create what I love and share it with the community at large, providing inspiration to my crafty fans and followers and items for purchase if they weren’t crafty at all (Shockingly, not everyone likes to make cards and scrapbooks!) Most importantly, my focus has shifted, slightly. Rather than focusing mainly on SELLING, I’ll try offering both inspiration and selling evenly. It’s a lot easier now, with things being much slower, to reevaluate and work out more of what my vision is.
Since my vision and goal has changed slightly, I don’t feel that Weebly is a good fit. It is still there, so if you’re interested in checking it out, head on over to
I’ve always had a passion for writing. I can safely say it’s another creative outlet for me, and it’s solely the only reason I blog. Of course,  when I first started blogging, it was a way to get my frustrations off my chest and my dreams onto paper. Over time, and after changing blogs multiple times- as well as changing the main objective of each successful blog numerous times- I’ve finally found my niche: anything and everything crafty, with a major emphasis on scrapbooking and card making.


So…All that to say that while I read a friends blog recently, I was inspired to  create a card. My friend (who I incidentally designed for while I served on her design team), has a daughter that lives with Cerebral Palsy. Now, as far as this disability goes, she’s rather lucky. She requires regular OT and PT, as well as daily aids, like a wheelchair (and I’m sure more, but I don’t know what those are). Aside from all of that, she can take care of most of her own care and needs on her own; she’s no different than a lot of other kids out there. She attended mainstream school until it was decided that herself and her siblings would be home schooled (for reasons unrelated to her disability).
This beautiful young lady is having important surgery which will help improve her quality of life just a bit more. The bones in her legs are growing the wrong way, so they’re going to essentially break them and set them so they continue growing properly. (This is my paraphrased version of what my friend wrote in her blog).
The card you saw pictured above is the card I made for her. H had asked her friends and blog readers to send along a little sunshine to cheer J up after her surgery. She’s going to love getting fan mail!
Everything on this card, except the strip of chocolate card stock and wood heart veneers with washi on them, is Close to My Heart. Even the design I was inspired by is CTMH. Because I didn’t have instructions for making the card, I improvised as best I could! This is the card that inspired me:


J’s surgery is at the end of the month, and since she lives over yonder in Louisiana, it’ll be dropped in the mail soon. I’m also sending some Canadian candy to help lift her spirits.  What do you think she’d like best?

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