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Crafty Challenge


Do you see the post reach in the picture above? *That* nearly caused this still half asleep girl to fall out of her chair. Seriously- that’s an all time high. I’m stoked about it- and motivated.  How do I keep that number up there, and higher? What did I do right- or did Facebook finally cut me some slack?!

One of my goals, both on my business page and within my business, is to create an engaging environment. I want to draw people in and encourage them to participate- through feedback, through content and inspiration. Toonie Tuesday and Feature Friday are (were) regular challenges,  if you will, on my business page. I used both those to encourage sales and generate custom orders and/or inspiration to my fans and potential customers. I stopped doing them only because I find it hard to get to my computer nowadays; now that I’m able to schedule posts from my Android,  it’ll be easier to get it done. Plus, I won’t be able to use forgetting as an excuse anymore!
In addition to Toonie Tuesday and Feature Friday, I’m thinking about adding one- possibly more- crafty challenges per week. I’d like to hear what you think. Would you be interested in a weekly craft/scrapbook challenge? It seems to be warmly received via my Facebook page. Please let me know! If my readers and fans seem genuinely interested, I’ll add something like this in the near future!


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