CTMH Cards

I’ve been really uninspired to create since it’s been so hot, but I do have a few cards and a custom invitation to share!


I used Close to My Hearts’ Balloon Ride for this set of cards. I’m loving the pattern and colors in the paper. A design in one of Jeanette Lynton’s idea books inspired this card.


This card was made using up  miscellaneous bits of scraps. It’s also a CTMH drsign- once again from Jeanette R. Lyntons idea books. You’ll see snippets of Skylark on this set of cards.


Lastly, here’s the custom birthday invitations I’m working on. It still needs a few tweaks- a small tag with E on it and birthday info on the back. I used my Cricut to cut the cupcake and each of the patterned elements on it; for the wrapper and icing, I used the A and B sides of Jubilee patterned paper. I used purple washi for the cherry.



I’m always on the look out for simple cards to make- I absolutely am a fan of the clean and simple style of card making and scrapbooking.  I like to stick to quick and easy projects- so much,  in fact, that it’s become personal policy. I also love shabby chic scrapbooking and card making, but I feel like it’s way out of my creative realm!

In my quest, which is nearly on a daily basis, I came across these gems, which you’ll also find buried in the depths of my Pinterest. (If inquiring minds must know, you’ll find me on Pinterest as Alison Krogsgaard;  the board in question is card scraplifts). One of these days, I will re-create them! What do you think?



It doesn’t say so, but this card screams Jillibean Soup to me. Would anyone know for sure? One word sums up my feelings on this card: LOVE!!


So, there’s your daily dose of inspiration. Where do you turn for inspiration, or to be inspired?

Lollydoodle Card Tutorial

I thought I’d share with you- step by step- the card we made at my Open House on Saturday. If you don’t have the products I mention/use, no fear! Use what you have on hand, or if you MUST have what you see in the pictures (because you can’t live without it, naturally), don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can hook you up! Oh- also, if you’re not a paper crafter and have no desire to pick it up, but DO like the card a lot, I have 5 on hand that are available for purchase.

To start, the paper I used is from the Lolly doodle collection. I love the floral look and feel to the patterned paper- and I love that the B & T duos perform double duty. Since the paper is double-sided, I utilized both sides of the paper on this project. (B & T duos is CTMH’s definition of double sided paper).

You will need:
-paper trimmer
-border punch
-patterned paper, 12×12 sheet
-cardstock, 12×12 sheet
-acrylic or wood mounted stamps

First, trim your 12×12 sheet of card stock to a 6×12 sheet. Fold in half to make a 6×6 card. Fold becomes the top of the card.

Secondly, measure and trim 2 inches off the bottom front of the card.


You’ll use the discarded piece to punch a border then re-attach to the front, bottom inside, leaving a quarter-inch scalloped border along the bottom. (Refer to picture below).


Cut your 12×12 patterned paper into a 6×6 square. Adhere on the inside of the card, so the desired pattern faces out.


Trim 0.5, 1 and 1.5 inch wide strips from coordinating patterned paper (or the same patterned paper you chose to adhere inside the card). Adhere 0.5 inch strip to the bottom front of card, just above the scalloped border.

Adhere the 1 inch strip to the center of the larger strip, then adhere 1/4 inch from the top front of the card.


Stamp sentiment/image above bottom border and add rhinestones to embellish.


Don’t forget- if you like this card and want to re-create it using the products I did, please contact me. You can also find this particular pattern- and many others- in the Close To My Heart Originals inspiration book by Jeanette R. Lynton (also the founder of Close to My Heart)!

These cards are also available for sale- $5.50 each or $25 for the set of 5.


Mental Block

Have you ever had a creative mental block? Has that ever happened to you? How do you handle it?

What happens when you run into an obstacle? Do you push through, forcing your creativity to keep producing, or do you take a break? How do you feel about the final result?

That was the position I was in yesterday. I had found a sketch I really liked, but as I got to working on my own version of it, I discovered that one particular portion of it kept eluding me. As I kept working, it became a giant mountain that I couldn’t work past or even see around. Eventually, it began to affect every aspect of my unfinished layout. I didn’t like the placements of potential embellishments- I began to even question the embellishments I had chosen to work with. They didn’t appeal to me anymore- only because the blank, empty space that kept staring me in the face wasn’t playing nice with me. And, its so easy to become discouraged and frustrated when your project isn’t going your way. Does anyone agree?

So, I guess the question becomes why did that space bother me so much? There is a reason that blank space become so blinding- and now that I think about it, the why affected it as much as the what. The sketch that I chose to work with added a lot of weight (purposely) to one side of the page. I didn’t want to add too much more to that side of the page without being able to add enough embellishments and other appeal to the opposite side. My goal was to keep my project balanced. In my mind, balance equals perfection. Perfection means I’m in love with and incredibly proud of my layout. Why? Because its aesthetically pleasing to my eye. And, we all want to make something that looks pretty, right?! If it isn’t pretty, then I’ve failed. Failure isn’t an option!

So, I quit working on that project yesterday. Actually, my husband unknowingly helped me come to that conclusion. In the midst of moving items around, not wanting to commit to anything (such as adhering things to the page knowing full well I wasn’t happy with it), he phoned and asked me if I was busy. “Nope”! I blurted, then he told me to get ready. We putzed around town for a bit yesterday afternoon, and it was just the break I needed. In fact, I took the rest of the day off from working on that layout. I wouldn’t look at it, and wouldn’t think about it. (But, anyone that knows how a scrapbookers mind works knows that they never truly stop thinking about projects). I did stop thinking about it- for a bit- but after I laid down in bed last night, an idea struck me. I finally had some direction, and couldn’t wait to try it out when I woke up in the morning.

(Typically, scrapbooking doesn’t come before chores and other household duties, but since we’re experiencing an incredible heatwave, the only MUST on today’s agenda is to stay cool!) That means chilling in the basement, in my conveniently located haven (insert grin here). Its a match made in heaven. Thank goodness the kids are away for the next week and a half!

I used my Cricut to cut some pine trees from the same colour card stock that the photo mat (perpetrator in question) is. I wanted to add something that wouldn’t add too much to the weight already on that particular side of the layout. And actually, I’m quite happy with the finished product! Those trees are exactly what that space needed! The pine trees add to the story- camping at a beautiful Guest Ranch in the mountains- and they serve as the perfect solution to my quandary. After that was settled, embellishing the rest of the page was a breeze!


CTMH Inspiration Books

I couldn’t figure out what to make after finishing my Jasper mini album and the beginning of my sports mini. The contenders were 1) figuring out- then continuing on- whatever it was I began my personal scrapbooking with;  2) scrapbooking, in greater detail, our trip to Jasper (I took a couple hundred pictures, I think); or 3) making a card- or set of cards- using all, or mostly, Close to My Heart product.

The card won out, only because I was certain that I began a new personal album with a theme other than Jasper (it was further back in time than our recent trip. That much I knew). Secondly, I couldn’t remember exactly which pictures I began my album with- at that point in time. While I created these cards, I became certain I had only scrapbooked pictures as we began our trip (to Fernie).

As part of my Close to My Heart starter kit, two idea books were included- one for cards, and the other for general scrapbooking. They’ve both proven to be a great resource for me, even though I wasn’t sure I’d ever use them. I’m glad I was wrong. I think I’ll use them quite often.

This time, instead of jumping onto Pinterest or Google to spark creativity, I found a sketch that was simple to create and easy to interpret in my own way. (See picture below).


What I love about these idea books is that all the measurements are clearly written out and marked,  the steps and directions are easy to follow, and in the scrapbooking idea book, alternate page designs are also noted. More on that in a bit.


I used a mixture of papers on the project- some Close to My Heart and a touch of Momenta (in fact, all the bits and pieces of patterned paper on the first few cards in this set are scraps. The flower is Jolee’s Boutique (which were on sale at Michaels. Woop!) Rhinestones came from the Dollar Store.


This book is UBER cool. I can hardly stand it! So, you find a sketch you really like. But, it won’t work with your pictures. After trying to rotate the design, and still nothing works, what are you to do? Why not try their alternate designs?! Three alternate designs are included with nearly every sketch; use them as is, or rotate and rework one of those until it gels. I love it!


Here’s my take on the design in the picture above. I had already printed the pictures, and wasn’t about to print them again in the right dimensions.  So, I improvised- and then I embellished as I desired. You’ll find Carta Bella in the background, as well as a mix of  CTMH Ivy Lane and Timberline patterned papers. All the stamps and ink are also CTMH. 

These publications are available from Close to My Heart if you’re looking for an inspiration starter every once in a while 🙂