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More Mini Album

I’m so sorry for the long absence! With the kids at home because of the summer break, I’m finding it really hard to get to my haven. I don’t like to craft (meaning personal scrapbooking) while my kids are home, because it always inevitably ends up being a gong show that results in one or all three of us upset and stressed out! Once evenings roll around and I spend a bit of time with my husband, one hour of crafty time just isn’t enough- so I don’t scrap! (There’s actually MUCH more to that, but this isn’t the place or time to share that. The above vague sentence is a loaded one).
Having said that, I do (finally) have two more mini album pages to share today. I could have shared one of them sooner, but I had it in my brain that it was incomplete.  I was wrong!



There is going to be journalling on every other page in this album, to help fill it up. I’ve only got a few pictures from my girls’ first day of pre-kindergarten,  and rather than wasting the album by not filling it up, I thought this would work well. Recording your thoughts, feelings and memories is just as important as the pictures themselves!
An idea came to me this morning, that I think I’ll start adding to my blog on a weekly basis: Win it Wednesday. Mojo Monday is also going to be incorporated into my blog. Starting next week, I’m going to hold my weekly challenges here, rather than on my business page. I will include links on my business page, so that you can easily participate here. And, don’t forget- even though the Mojo Monday challenge is presented as a weekly challenge, there are no time restraints on completing each successive challenge. Complete them at will, and as time permits!
I’m hoping that presenting challenges this way, more traffic will visit my blog, and it’ll save me from (possibly, eventually) stepping on Facebook’s toes. Heaven forbid being shut down for something so innocent and fun!
Remember to share with your scrappy and crafty friends! The more, the merrier!


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