Winter Cheer

Good morning, friends! We are in for quite a wet weekend, I’m hearing. I’ve also heard it might turn to sn*w , with some areas getting up to 15 cm. Seriously?! I can handle rain, but I’m hoping there’s not a single white flake of snow. What’s your weather supposed to do?

As I mentioned yesterday, I would be sharing a card with you that was made using my Cricut and some MME. I just adore this card!


What do I love so much about this card? Well, where do I start?! HA! Of course, I’m loving the wood grain patterned paper from Close to My Heart, and of course the cheery stamp and ink; I *adore* the patterned paper I pulled from my My Minds Eye So Happy Together 6×6 paper pad. I thought the houses and leafless trees reflected a winter scene perfectly. Also, the colourful houses added some cheer to an otherwise understated card. Where does my Cricut come into the mix? Well, the CTMH stamp set I used (Best Christmas) also coordinates with the Art Philosophy cartridge. I die cut the scalloped circles, layered them on top of each other, stamped the message in the centre of the white card stock, and finally used some pop dots to add a bit of dimension. SO easy to create! I even used up scraps, which is always a bonus, no matter what sort of craft or project you’re working on!

Here’s what I used:

-Recollections dark green, blue and white card stock

-CTMH Snowhaven and Timberline patterned papers

-CTMH Exclusives Ink (Pear)

-Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge

-MME patterned paper


-pop dots

Tomorrow, I’ve got another card to show you, which will once again be found in Close to My Hearts’ Originals Handbook. Tune in for a different sized, unique Christmas card! Also, just a reminder, I’ll be at the 4 Seasons Open Market, Mayerthorpe edition on Saturday, September 27 (this coming Saturday!!) from 10 until 3 at the Diamond Centre. There’ll be lots of awesome vendors there- don’t miss out!


Warm Wishes Greeting Card

Remember fighting with your siblings over who got to sit where in your vehicle growing up- whether it was the front seat or right or left side of the backseats? I sure remember it.

We learned yesterday, that fighting over who gets to sit where HURTS! After school, we were sitting in the driveway in my car; I was still inside, getting myself organized (I had groceries to bring in), M had already gotten out and was standing next to the drivers side door, and A came out shortly after her. Realizing A didn’t have her school bag, I told her to get it. Well, she didn’t realize (and neither did I), that M had her hand in a bad spot, and wound up having her hand squeezed in the car door as it opened.

Oy. Talk about feeling utterly and completely helpless and devastated! I wanted to curl into a ball and cry alongside poor M. To make a long story short, her hand isn’t broken, but is bruised. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering her- she isn’t complaining about pain. Do you have any horror stories from fighting with your siblings over where you sat in the car?

So, had things not been so chaotic yesterday, I would have shared with you the next set of Christmas cards I made. The reindeer inspired me to create something really simple. I wanted the reindeer to be the centre focus. Like I’ve mentioned before, I am typically scared off by all the white space and lack of bling and layering, but I’m so incredibly happy with how this card turned out. Simple is key!



– Recollections white card stock

– CTMH Exclusives Inks (Slate and Crystal Blue)

– CTMH My Acrylix Stamps (Best Christmas)

Tomorrow, I’ll have another Christmas card to share with you; this one was made using the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. I also snuck in some MME (My Minds’ Eye) on this card, too! Be sure to check in tomorrow to have a peek at it!



Snowhaven/Mojo Monday #6

With Christmas quickly approaching, as well as various craft shows and crops on my doorstep, I’ve decided to start creating more Christmas cards to add to my sale stash. I am absolutely loving the Snowhaven paper packet and all its delicious papers- they are very warm and fuzzy feeling! Perfect for snowy, wintery layouts and cards. The patterns remind me of wool sweaters and mittens and the warmth and coziness they provide on those chilly winter days. (Fall days too, for that matter. I may or may not have worn my woollen mittens a time or two already this summer/fall).


This warm and festive card was so fun to create! I scrap lifted a card that is found in CTMH’s Originals (which isn’t originally a Christmas card- it isn’t even a regular A2, or 4.25×5.5 card!) But it absolutely works. There will be 5 of these particular cards created- which are also available for purchase. Please visit me on Instagram (@the everyday scrapbooker) or Facebook for price information.

Here’s the materials I used:

– Recollections 8.5×11 card stock in cranberry and white

– CTMH Exclusive Inks in Cranberry and Black

– CTMH Snowhaven patterned paper (A and B sides)

– CTMH My Acrylix stamps (Best Christmas and Make it Merry)

– adhesive

– pop dots

– square rhinestones


Since we’re on the Christmasy topic, today’s Mojo Monday challenge is to create something using materials that make you feel warm!


Are you curious to see the Originals inspiration book for yourself? Do you struggle with inspiration? Send me a message, and I can help you order one for yourself!


#30yearsofhappy scrap lift

You might have seen this card floating around. If you haven’t,  you’ll most likely find it on all Close to My Heart social platforms, like Pinterest and Facebook.


I had first seen it on Facebook, and immediately was drawn to the crisp white card base and minimalist design. It’s a complete departure from my norm- white space scares me, as does white (as in the color). Not sure why, but I think it has to do with my discomfort of its nakedness. I always feel the urge to cover up the bare bones. This time, I ignored the urge:


Yes, I scrap lifted this card! Twice, as a matter of fact!


Everything, except the white card stock bases and purple rhinestones, is CTMH. What a great way to make use of the #30yearsofhappy stamp set! Quick notes and thinking of you’s makes this set ideal.
How have you used your #30yearsofhappy stamp set?

Silver Lining

Good morning!

….and, it starts. We are just two mere days into the new school year, and one of my littles is already sick. So is my husband, for that matter. They both have colds. I got next to no sleep last night, and I feel pretty grouchy this morning. Deep down, I’m less than happy that we had to be up every hour over night. I really like my sleep! But, I’m sad for my girl that the flu season has already knocked her down. I made her chamomile tea this morning, with some honey to sweeten it, because I promised her overnight that it would make her throat feel better. I also just decided to sleep with her, in her bed, since she kept coming to my room so often. Unfortunately, that was finally at 5 this morning. On the bright side, school didn’t start until 10 this morning. I don’t know why, and after a night like last nights, I’m thankful it was an hour later than it should have been. There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there? I sense an afternoon nap in our near future!

I do have a few more layouts to share with you! That’s good news! On a spur, I decided to create some title pages for each grade level (elementary, junior high, high school, and maybe a college or pre-school one, too). There are also pockets on those pages, adding even more storage than there already is within this album. I realized I’d still have a few pages left over, once all the grades are covered, so it made sense to me to add a few ‘title page’ pages to eat those extra pages up.

10695399_10152235345221548_13212789_n 10668628_10152235350466548_610427626_n 10704784_10152235354436548_1063001424_n 10695164_10152235358436548_83606316_n


I received an update on our nephew R. The tumor that’s growing is on his stomach, and his doctor figures it will be easy to remove- and without any serious complications or (heaven forbid) more bad news. A small portion of his stomach will be removed too, but other than that, R will make a full recovery. Instead of chemotherapy, he’ll take chemo via pills. I’m not sure if it affects a persons’ body the same way therapy does. Does anyone know? Maybe I’ll google it…Also, the tumor we thought was growing in his pancreas, was actually incorrect information. There is no other tumor. Thank goodness! So, in 6 weeks, after R has recovered from his knee surgery, he’ll go for a second procedure, to remove the malignant tumor. Hopefully we still have good news then!

Lastly, today is the day. I’ve never forgotten it. Have you? What were you doing? I was in college at the time, and I was getting ready for class. I had the radio on as I was doing my hair, and I heard it there. Later in the day, I watched footage of it while I worked in the dining hall on campus. It was surreal, but I was sickened. Never forget ❤



Hi, hello friends! How is everyone enjoying the wonderful  horrendous snow we’ve been experiencing all over Alberta (by now)? Has the southerners gotten it yet? I would tell you how much snow we got yesterday, but that’ll ruin the challenge I have happening over on my business page! What would that be, you ask?

I didn’t think it was possible, but I *finally* reached 750 fans! Yes! To celebrate, I’m holding a small giveaway, and you’re invited to play along, too! The rules are simple: answer the question (without cheating), and I’ll pick the winner that either correctly guesses the answer, or is nearest to it. The winner will receive a card kit, valued at $15 CAD (including shipping). Not too shabby! Its open to everyone; the more that play, the merrier! Tell your friends!


How much snow fell on Whitecourt (my hometown) on Monday (yesterday)?

Contest closes on Friday at 11:59 pm MST. The winner will be announced on Saturday. Either submit your answer here (by way of comment), or visit my business page to enter to win. It will be the pinned post at the top of the page.

Good luck, and I hope you play along!

Ms. Innocent

Hello friends! I have a story to share with you, that will sort of help shed a bit of light for you on the type of person that I am. In a small way, it’ll help you to learn what type of person that I am. You already know I’m a scrapbooker and own a small business making and selling cards, scrapbooks and party decor. I am also the mother of two small girls- twins- that are my absolute pride and joy (even if they know how to push my buttons and annoy me on a daily basis). You also know that I enjoy writing, which is why I keep a blog! But, did you know that I’m a sweet, innocent, sheltered and quiet woman? I mentioned that to a friend once, and she responded, ‘Innocent? Yeah, right.’ Yeah, its true. I’m not totally as innocent as I once was, but there’s still a lot of innocence and naivety left in me. I was reminded of it late yesterday afternoon, when I accompanied my husband to his buddy’s place. We weren’t there long, when his buddies showed up. They are young, and wild, and do a lot of things that I’ve never dreamed of doing. And, I couldn’t help but feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Crowds are hard for me at the best of times, as I feel like I can open up better and have less to worry about when I’m in a smaller, one on one setting. Thank goodness we weren’t there for long! Its been an incredibly long time since I felt that way, though. It brought a lot of childhood memories and feelings flooding back, which when I look at it now, isn’t all that pleasant. I didn’t like feeling so awkward then, and I don’t like it now. Thank goodness I’m past that youthful stage!

I have lots to share with you today- three cards and a layout. If time weren’t pressing, like it is right now, I would share with you the supplies and techniques I used on the cards I created. For now, that will have to wait until tomorrow’s post. In the mean time, enjoy!

10656184_10152226923781548_1201602928_n 10660461_10152228781896548_1041666173_n 10613825_10152228776761548_700534321_n 10668280_10152228768301548_163592160_n


Its Time…

Happy Thursday! The time has finally come to start advertising my heart out. Its true. As you know, I’ve been posting here and there on my Etsy (and, if you didn’t–well, now you know!) I’ve also been posting throughout the summer on my Instagram (@The Everyday Scrapbooker) and Twitter. But, did you know that I am also an Urbee, and frequently post to Kijiji? Oh yes, that’s the absolute truth!

I spent the morning cleaning up my Made Urban shop, and have begun (slowly) adding new Close to My Heart and handmade product to my shop. The cards that I’m certain I still have on hand, I’ve left posted to my MU shop, but I’ll also be uploading new ones as I complete them. I would love it if you visited! (I don’t know the link to my shop on Made Urban at the moment; I’ll provide that at a later date. In the mean time, search The Everyday Scrapbooker, and you’ll find my shop!)

Do you know what Made Urban is? If you are Canadian- especially if you’re Albertan- then this is the site for you! It is, I like to think, the Canadian (read Albertan) version of Etsy. Anything and everything handmade can be found there. Its been on CTV news in the recent past, and they are a fairly new website! I’ve been with them since very nearly their inception. If you haven’t already, please do check them out. A lot of my crafty, hand making friends can be found there, too!

So, in the spirit of starting advertising anew, please remember that not only do I sell Close to My Heart product and host card classes. I also make (and sell!) greeting cards, scrapbooks, banners, tags and anything else you’d like made thats paper based. Give me a shout if you’re needing or wanting anything!