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Ms. Innocent

Hello friends! I have a story to share with you, that will sort of help shed a bit of light for you on the type of person that I am. In a small way, it’ll help you to learn what type of person that I am. You already know I’m a scrapbooker and own a small business making and selling cards, scrapbooks and party decor. I am also the mother of two small girls- twins- that are my absolute pride and joy (even if they know how to push my buttons and annoy me on a daily basis). You also know that I enjoy writing, which is why I keep a blog! But, did you know that I’m a sweet, innocent, sheltered and quiet woman? I mentioned that to a friend once, and she responded, ‘Innocent? Yeah, right.’ Yeah, its true. I’m not totally as innocent as I once was, but there’s still a lot of innocence and naivety left in me. I was reminded of it late yesterday afternoon, when I accompanied my husband to his buddy’s place. We weren’t there long, when his buddies showed up. They are young, and wild, and do a lot of things that I’ve never dreamed of doing. And, I couldn’t help but feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Crowds are hard for me at the best of times, as I feel like I can open up better and have less to worry about when I’m in a smaller, one on one setting. Thank goodness we weren’t there for long! Its been an incredibly long time since I felt that way, though. It brought a lot of childhood memories and feelings flooding back, which when I look at it now, isn’t all that pleasant. I didn’t like feeling so awkward then, and I don’t like it now. Thank goodness I’m past that youthful stage!

I have lots to share with you today- three cards and a layout. If time weren’t pressing, like it is right now, I would share with you the supplies and techniques I used on the cards I created. For now, that will have to wait until tomorrow’s post. In the mean time, enjoy!

10656184_10152226923781548_1201602928_n 10660461_10152228781896548_1041666173_n 10613825_10152228776761548_700534321_n 10668280_10152228768301548_163592160_n



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