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Silver Lining

Good morning!

….and, it starts. We are just two mere days into the new school year, and one of my littles is already sick. So is my husband, for that matter. They both have colds. I got next to no sleep last night, and I feel pretty grouchy this morning. Deep down, I’m less than happy that we had to be up every hour over night. I really like my sleep! But, I’m sad for my girl that the flu season has already knocked her down. I made her chamomile tea this morning, with some honey to sweeten it, because I promised her overnight that it would make her throat feel better. I also just decided to sleep with her, in her bed, since she kept coming to my room so often. Unfortunately, that was finally at 5 this morning. On the bright side, school didn’t start until 10 this morning. I don’t know why, and after a night like last nights, I’m thankful it was an hour later than it should have been. There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there? I sense an afternoon nap in our near future!

I do have a few more layouts to share with you! That’s good news! On a spur, I decided to create some title pages for each grade level (elementary, junior high, high school, and maybe a college or pre-school one, too). There are also pockets on those pages, adding even more storage than there already is within this album. I realized I’d still have a few pages left over, once all the grades are covered, so it made sense to me to add a few ‘title page’ pages to eat those extra pages up.

10695399_10152235345221548_13212789_n 10668628_10152235350466548_610427626_n 10704784_10152235354436548_1063001424_n 10695164_10152235358436548_83606316_n


I received an update on our nephew R. The tumor that’s growing is on his stomach, and his doctor figures it will be easy to remove- and without any serious complications or (heaven forbid) more bad news. A small portion of his stomach will be removed too, but other than that, R will make a full recovery. Instead of chemotherapy, he’ll take chemo via pills. I’m not sure if it affects a persons’ body the same way therapy does. Does anyone know? Maybe I’ll google it…Also, the tumor we thought was growing in his pancreas, was actually incorrect information. There is no other tumor. Thank goodness! So, in 6 weeks, after R has recovered from his knee surgery, he’ll go for a second procedure, to remove the malignant tumor. Hopefully we still have good news then!

Lastly, today is the day. I’ve never forgotten it. Have you? What were you doing? I was in college at the time, and I was getting ready for class. I had the radio on as I was doing my hair, and I heard it there. Later in the day, I watched footage of it while I worked in the dining hall on campus. It was surreal, but I was sickened. Never forget ❤



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