#30yearsofhappy, card, CTMH, inspiration, scrap lift

#30yearsofhappy scrap lift

You might have seen this card floating around. If you haven’t,  you’ll most likely find it on all Close to My Heart social platforms, like Pinterest and Facebook.


I had first seen it on Facebook, and immediately was drawn to the crisp white card base and minimalist design. It’s a complete departure from my norm- white space scares me, as does white (as in the color). Not sure why, but I think it has to do with my discomfort of its nakedness. I always feel the urge to cover up the bare bones. This time, I ignored the urge:


Yes, I scrap lifted this card! Twice, as a matter of fact!


Everything, except the white card stock bases and purple rhinestones, is CTMH. What a great way to make use of the #30yearsofhappy stamp set! Quick notes and thinking of you’s makes this set ideal.
How have you used your #30yearsofhappy stamp set?

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