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Warm Wishes Greeting Card

Remember fighting with your siblings over who got to sit where in your vehicle growing up- whether it was the front seat or right or left side of the backseats? I sure remember it.

We learned yesterday, that fighting over who gets to sit where HURTS! After school, we were sitting in the driveway in my car; I was still inside, getting myself organized (I had groceries to bring in), M had already gotten out and was standing next to the drivers side door, and A came out shortly after her. Realizing A didn’t have her school bag, I told her to get it. Well, she didn’t realize (and neither did I), that M had her hand in a bad spot, and wound up having her hand squeezed in the car door as it opened.

Oy. Talk about feeling utterly and completely helpless and devastated! I wanted to curl into a ball and cry alongside poor M. To make a long story short, her hand isn’t broken, but is bruised. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering her- she isn’t complaining about pain. Do you have any horror stories from fighting with your siblings over where you sat in the car?

So, had things not been so chaotic yesterday, I would have shared with you the next set of Christmas cards I made. The reindeer inspired me to create something really simple. I wanted the reindeer to be the centre focus. Like I’ve mentioned before, I am typically scared off by all the white space and lack of bling and layering, but I’m so incredibly happy with how this card turned out. Simple is key!



– Recollections white card stock

– CTMH Exclusives Inks (Slate and Crystal Blue)

– CTMH My Acrylix Stamps (Best Christmas)

Tomorrow, I’ll have another Christmas card to share with you; this one was made using the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. I also snuck in some MME (My Minds’ Eye) on this card, too! Be sure to check in tomorrow to have a peek at it!



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