December Daily Day Two!

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I have to admit, I was a bit stumped over today’s photo prompt. Christmas movies aren’t really going to start airing on TV just yet, so using one of them for today’s photo prompt was out of the question. And then I thought of Frozen. My plan was to snap a picture of the DVD case after finishing up my grocery shopping this morning. My plan didn’t quite work out- how I’d planned. It worked out way better than I could have imagined!


(Number one- it fulfills today’s photo prompt; number two- my girls’ birthday is coming up; number three- I’m totally ordering this for their birthday!)
Serendipity? I think so.
I’ve realized that today’s photo prompt is a bit vague and ambiguous, so use your creativity and imagination! I had intended the main theme to be Christmasy in nature. But then I thought, ‘why does it have to be?’ On your days off (think Christmas day, Boxing Day or any other days you take off around Christmas) what movies would you pop in and veg out in front of? Frozen would definitely be on that list in our family, probably at the very top. Next would be Cars or Airplanes. The girls ask often to hear Let it Go (saved in a music file on my cell phone). At first, I thought we’d escaped the Frozen frenzy, but apparently we’re a little slow to catch on.
How does today’s photo prompt inspire you? Share with us what you come up with. You never know who you’ll inspire!


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