December Daily Day 4

For more information about my December Daily challenge, please visit this post:

There’s not a whole lot that I’ve wanted to keep of my kids’ school crafts that they’ve brought home from school. I’m definitely not one of those parents that keeps everything their kids drew, wrote or licked because they’re wonderful mementos. Does that make me a bad parent? I’ve been very selective about what I keep. Some of those items needed to be thrown out over time (sadly nowhere near as long as I’d hoped). Today, they brought home a project I’m excited and proud to announce will get SCRAPBOOKED- and probably soon. THIS is something I don’t want to lose- I want to show them off!


Foam picture frames! There’s no magnets glued to the backs, so the only way they’ll work as frames is in an album! (I won’t stick them directly to my fridge either- I think they’re the sticker type foam). Didn’t they do a great job of their frames? They made their mama proud!!
Today’s December Daily photo prompt is BOUGH. I’m loving the submissions but I’d love to see more! Where you ask? Post your submissions here in the comments, or directly to my Facebook page. Here’s mine for today:


And, just to prepare you (or forewarn you, however you like looking at it), I’ve got tomorrow’s prompt too: COLORS.

Get your thinking caps on and put your eagle eyes in and look for opportunities in your day for COLORS! The wheels in my old brain are already turning, actually. Each day, I’ve been thinking and planning ahead. You too?


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