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A Memory Becomes a Treasure

Family is a pretty broad term, isn’t it? When I first thought of using this word as part of my December Daily challenge, I never dreamed this word would wind up holding as much importance as it does- or that it would resonate so deeply with me. Family doesn’t just mean you’re related by blood or by name to another individual; friends, if they’re close enough, can come to be like family too.
In part, this post is a tribute to J, a dear friend my husband lost contact with, but never stopped loving like a brother. J’s family was like my husband’s second family- either K was at J’s house, or the other way around. We got married around the same time (J’s was just 11 months ahead of ours) and J’s firstborn is 2 months older than my own firstborns. Yes, K and J were cut from the same fabric.
Our loss is heavens’ gain. The details surrounding J’s death is somewhat of a mystery yet, aside from knowing for certain he was involved in a fatal car accident. What we don’t know yet, is what caused the accident. Its speculation right now, but some kind of medical trauma may have occured at the time of the accident. According to the other individual involved, nlthing was out of the ordinary until the very last second. No swerving, erratic driving or skid marks. He didnt even hit his brakes. Dear, dear J. Im still trying to make sense of such a senseless accident. Poor L, his wife, is still numb with shock- as we all are.
Rest in peace, dear friend. Don’t start the party until K joins you and L. ♡


So, in addition to good friends becoming family, family is family. We’ll be going to Edmonton to spend Christmas with these beautiful faces:


It’s just a few short days away! Are you ready?!


     November 1976-December 2014


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