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December Daily Day 20

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Gregory is a rescue. He’s also a surrender. If you go back even further, he’s a survivor. (If you’re new to my blog and don’t know who Gregory is, or if you’ve visited before but don’t know who he is, I’ll enlighten you. He’s my cat- a sweet, loving, dog-caught-in-a-cats-body fixture in our home).
It’s taken a number of years for his true personality to shine through. Moreover, I think it’s finally broken through because he’s found a place where he feels comfortable and truly happy. That’s with our family.
When I first brought him home, I was told to never let him outside and never have other pets in my home. He came from a home where he was terrorized by another family pet. He found himself at the Humane Society until Extendicare took him in as the residence cat. He had a good life there- it would have been any pets’ dream come true- free handouts at every meal and when he visited his favourite residents. He got to have a sleepover with someone different every night and never had to worry about other animals pestering him.
Then, one day, the social worker finally had a severe allergic reaction to Gregory (he got into her office one too many times), which required a trip to the hospital and a new home for kitty. Being the unit clerk, and because my permanent bench was at the centre of all the nursing activity, I overheard what happened before the rest of the nurses aides. If no one wanted him, I offered to take him as my own pet. Sparing him a repeat visit to the Humane Society (not that I think that would have happened). He was well loved by nursing staff and residents alike. He was incredibly anti-social though. Like I said, he had his favorites. Otherwise he was scarcely seen- never during the day.
As time went on, after I “adopted” him, he ventured outside, eventually hunting and leaving his spoils at the door for us; he learned to {grudgingly, but never aggressively} reside with a dog 3 times his size, mellowed out enough to allow four grabby toddler hands “play” with him, and now, more recently, co-habitate with a dog about his same size. He “talks” to us frequently, begs when there’s any sort of meaty smell wafting through the air and loves his cuddles. He is patient, affectionate and incredibly special to me. Other than my husband, Gregory (and now Freddie) are the only other males in my life that have captured my heart. Completely.
What’s special to you?



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