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Gratitude Journal SMASH Album

I finally had the chance to buy myself a SMASH book (I purchased K&Co.’s version of Simple Stories’ Smash products- to start) this morning while I picked up groceries to last us the next couple of weeks. As per my regular tradition, now that the twinlets are back in school, I dropped them off at school, then got my running around/errands out of the way. That way, I can take it easy in the afternoons- at least, until about supper time. Then things get chaotic again until after bedtime. (And, by the way, I find this chore chart incredibly useful in managing my time. I’ve tweaked it (a bit) to suit my schedule and routine, but I still stick fairly closely to what is outlined in this chart. You might find it useful, too!)
After the groceries got put away, and before I picked the kids up from school, I dove head first into my Gratitude Journal, completing the cover and partially completing the first page. Considering I’m using a SMASH album to create my gratitude journal,  I plan to do exactly that- smash as much as I can into every single page. I’m hoping to fit the entire year, or the majority of it, into one album.


I covered SMASH on the front cover with scraps of paper that were lying on my desk from another project. And then the proverbial light bulb flickered on. The most practical and efficient way, for me, to assemble this album, is to use up all of my scraps- from left over alphas to embellishments to scrap papers. Whatever I’ve got in my stash that I’ve been hoarding, and not quite sure what to do with, is being put to use with this album. The finished product should be eclectic and whimsical, and for once, I’m completely ok with it!
You’ll find bits and pieces of Carta Bella,  Jillibean Soup, K&Co, Echo Park, Close to My Heart, and more.


So, you’ll probably notice that this page looks incomplete. That’s because it is! My plan is to fit as many days/grateful items as possible on every page. Each page will contain a spot for “day _ (blank) to _ (blank) summarizing which days are contained on those pages. Then, each person, thing and event will be broken down in number bullet format, keeping my album somewhat organized, albeit “smashed up”. I haven’t quite finished adding day 4 (back to school) to this page. Hopefully I can tackle it later this afternoon. Anything goes in this album! I won’t over think things, dwell too much on design and esthetics, or worry about whether it coordinates or not. Whimsy and eclectic, remember?! I can do this!
What are your hang ups when you create?
Curious to know more about my gratitude journal? Visit this post! I’d love it if you joined in the fun, too! It’s simple- record one item per day that makes you happy- any way you want. For the entire year. If do join us, would you let me know? I’d love to pop in and see what makes you thankful. You might also need encouragement too, which I’d be happy to provide. I may need it too.

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