Cheers from 2011

The layout I’m going to share today is the last page in the particular album I was putting together.  I’ve never seen another scrapbook album like it- there were two gate fold type flaps, so the album opens double wide. It ties closed like an inter branch work envelope. (Know what I mean?) I’ll try sharing a picture one of these days. I got it from my sister years ago, but I don’t know where she bought it. (It also annoyed me. I still prefer D-ring albums. I think this one was a unique post-bound style album).


So, there’s both my girls in this layout. Can you see a difference? If you can’t,  don’t worry. The only reasons I know it’s both my girls, is because this layout was still from Christmas Eve 2011, and M wore the solid red dress, and A wore the polka dot dress.
I once again turned to CTMH’s Snowhaven for this layout. To jazz up the blue card stock, I punched out a whole bunch of Christmas ornaments (at one point,  I had roughly more than 30 of them- but that was for the entire page. I thinned them out a tiny bit by only filling half the page with punched and embossed ornaments. I still ended up with about 25!) I used that pretty Anna Griffin snowflake embossing folder again to decorate the ornaments.
The little bit of ribbon that peeks out from behind the pictures is a small journalling spot. 


I thought I should share a picture of the completed first page in my gratitude album. I kind of jumped the gun yesterday when I shared the ‘work in progress’ shot. I was just too excited. Now that I’ve had some time to come back to earth and chill out a bit, I’ll only share completed pages from now on, unless I feel inspired to share a sneak peek, otherwise there’s just too many pictures to try and wade through!
I layered a piece of pink card stock on the back side of the vellum page (mostly as a way to hide the adhesive I used to stick everything to the “A” side of that page. I made sure I stuck adhesive in the same spits on the “B” side, so it all looks neat and tidy. I definitely don’t want adhesive showing. It’s not pretty! I also added a small punched border to the far outside edge of the page- but it’s mostly for design purposes on the next page! I love that it serves a dual purpose!
Notice the little A+ in the word “back” in my back to school bullet point? I thought it’d be fun to add a little play on words (letters??) there. The large “O” in school has no significance (unless I can find a good- positive!) twist on it too…
I can hardly wait to share the next page with you!
…and the excitement that’s so typical for this happy-go-lucky girl has appeared once again. ..What excites you?


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