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Pinterest Hacks

If you’re anything like me, even just looking at Pinterest makes me fat. I don’t have to just eat food to achieve that. There are so many great recipes for food, home renos, DIY, art,  photography, clothing, crafting, and the list goes on and on. I thought I’d share a few craft storage ideas with you- that were either free or inexpensive– that I’ve implemented into my own haven and crafting space. We all like things to be easy and cheap or free, right? It’s ok,  your secret is safe with me. I know I like looking for bargains too. We’re all the same, really, except for a few subtle differences here and there. ..
All the ideas I’m about to share with you, I found on Pinterest first. You can find me on Pinterest Here.

Note: in each picture I’m about to share, what inspired me is in the left photo of the collage, and my hack is on the right. This does not include the Close to My Heart options at the end of this post.


I have way too many stamps to store in an adorable fruit stand like this (and I’ve also got another way to store my stamps!!), so instead, I use my fruit stand for storing all of my washi tape. Right now, it only fills the top basket, but one day it might fill the whole thing. In the mean time, I’m trying to figure out what to store in the other two baskets. Any suggestions? Currently, the little bit of twine that I own occupies the second basket. The bottom one is empty. (I know. An empty anything in a crafters’ room?! Traitor!) The fruit stand cost me zippo. It was a Christmas gift from my MIL back in 2011. There’s no place to put it in my kitchen, so after it lived in the inlaws suite for a while, doing nothing other than wasting space and collecting dust, I moved it into my haven to be useful. And, it hasn’t let me down. Except when my rolls of washi fall through the cracks. I really need to remedy that!


Can anyone make me an adorable little fabric box like this?! (The left picture). I love my current system, but it isn’t pretty enough. This current system (hanging file folder system from Walmart. It cost me $10) works great, but is slightly flawed. The small pieces of scrap paper (any sort of irregularly shaped scraps and anything that’s smaller than 8×8 gets lost. Very easily. I’d love to find a system that groups like sizes together and doesn’t take up too much room. It also must be easy to see what’s inside. And, of course, it needs to be affordable. 
I have my scraps sorted by color, and it follows the rainbow spectrum of colors (starting with pink and ending with grey/black). I have a second hanging file system paired with this one for my most favorite manufacturers (it includes embellishments and papers). Once I thin out (read use up) the stuff I’m not really crazy about, I’ll move my favorite stuff to where the rest of my paper is located.
(Truth be told, I just want my scraps to look as neat and pretty as the picture on the left!!)


Ok, so seriously,  this is my most favorite Pinterest hack yet. Find tackle boxes at Walmart (for a minimal price), and throw all your miscellaneous alphas in it! It takes up only one drawer in my sterilite storage towers (I have two- both in one drawer; they fit like a glove. Like it was meant to be!) and it can hold a lot of alphas in it!! It’s really a huge bang for your buck.


I forgot to take a picture of it, but I do have a blister pack (which can be found at any pharmacy) that’s filled with brads. I forgot to take a picture of it because I rarely use brads in my projects. I also don’t have my blister pack labelled all pretty like the one in the picture. It does work really well to corral those small items, though! You’re looking at about $5-$10 (or more) depending on the size of blister pack you purchase.
Instead, I’m sharing a storage option for all those buttons you may have kicking around. For the longest time, I had my buttons stored in jam jars, but I didn’t like the varying sizes they were all in (my OCD is kicking in here). I wasn’t about to shell out the money for anything to store them in, so I left them as is. And then, my husband asked me if I’d have any use for the glass jars that you see in the right photo above. His buddy got these jars for his body shop business, but they weren’t the right size. I sure could find a use for them! Now, all my buttons are in the same size jars and they’re color coded, like my papers! (Cost to me: free!!)


Lastly, did you know that Close to My Heart has some fabulous storage items, too? They do! You’ll find storage boxes in varying sizes for paper, stamps, sponge daubers, or whatever else you can think of! They’re made from durable plastic and have a simple flip tab to keep the contents safely secured inside. Also, their stamps are strictly acrylic,  and always come in those handy sleeves, keeping your stamps altogether. They fit beautifully inside the storage boxes. (This one is one of the smallest and can store up to 15 stamps inside. Depending on size, they’ll cost you $16.50 to $27.50).


Looking for a practical and economical way to store your ink? Try CTMH’s Exclusive Inks Organizer (pictured above $76.95), or Exclusive Inks Stamp Tower (not pictured; $13.25). It’s perfect for storing my CTMH Exclusive Inks and journalling pens. It’s worthwhile to note that Stampin’ Up inks do not fit inside the organizer (and likely the tower. I have some SU inks, and they are too thick. This item is made specifically to store your CTMH inks).
There’s more {great!} storage items at Close to My Heart than just this! Visit me here, then click home > shop online > organization to see more!
What are some of your favorite Pinterest hacks? Please share-I’d love to see! Here’s one that was shared to my business page on Facebook:


I think this is fabulous! Ribbon scraps would work beautifully in these, as would beads, glitter, flocking or other powders. What else could you use in here?
Share your hacks in the comments! We could always use some inspiration!


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