Using Song Titles in Your Layouts

I’m back today with another layout. This one was inspired by a sketch I found online; it’s currently residing in my Fave Sketches folder over at Pinterest. Find it, and many others, here!


How cute are the stars scattered diagonally across the page?! They’re originally what drew me to use this sketch; the pretty circular embellishment did, too.
I turned to using a sketch because I was struggling with using only one 4×6 inch picture. My brain just wouldn’t make sense of it!
Rather than adding two pennants to the left side of the page, I adhered a tree that I’d used my Cricut to cut out. I also spread the title out so it borders the top and bottom of the picture, eliminating the banner (or another embellishment). And, as I mentioned above, I used a 4×6 inch picture instead of a 4×4 inch one.


About the time I sat down to create this layout, I also made the birthday invitations for my daughters. I suppose you could say I had Frozen on my brain. The song For the First Time in Forever popped into my head, and it inspired the title for my layout, as well as the catchphrase on their invitations. I ran with it. Not only does the movie Frozen help to highlight my wintertime theme (as evidenced by my toque- or hat– for my international friends), it also helped highlight the fact that we rarely did anything fun on New Years Eve. And, by we, I mean my husband and I. Typically, he works all holidays, so we never get the chance to celebrate together. It really was the first time in forever that we did that. It felt good!
I loved the stars in the sketch so much, I carried them over into my own layout. Can you see them?!
Don’t be afraid to use song titles, movie titles or quotes in your scrapbooking. It’s a great tool to use to spark creativity and to start the creative process. It helped me get over the “I’m stuck” hump. (It also helps get a person over the “what am I going to title my layout”? hump. I’ve been there, too).
Check out these links to find song title/lyrics and/or movie titles to use in your scrapbooking:
1. The Daily Digi
2.– this is an excellent article on learning how to create a layout using song titles!! Definitely check it out!
4. Creating Keepsakes Magazine (undoubtedly one of my most favorite publications!)
5. Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Of course, look up your favourite song title finders and movie finders (lyrster, azlyrics, IMDb, etc) for finding the perfect line or all the words to a particular song or movie.


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