Gratitude Days 37 to 41

Valentines is nearly here! Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing ideas for the love in your life. I’m planning to keep our plans fairly tame- I bought my husband salted peanuts (his favourite nuts), a gift card to his fave manly man store and I’ll cook his fave supper! What are your plans?
I have week 7 or days 37 to 41 of my gratitude journal completed and I want to share it with you today!


I’ve cut down on how many items I fit on the page, just so it isn’t overwhelming- like this:


Ahh! Where do you look?! It’s assaulting your senses, isn’t it? It does mine every time I look at it…I actually kind of avoid looking at it. For realz. I love making art, but that’s a bit much. For me. What I’m doing now feels better. Like, I’m still able to breathe while looking at the picture above. It might still be a lot to process and take in, but at least it’s manageable!
Having said that, my gratitude “weeks” are only four to 5 items long. So, they shall now be known as “days” rather than weeks, because at this rate, I’ll wind up with more than 52 weeks this year! And, that’ll just confuse me, and you in turn. Work in progress, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyways.
Did you know…your elf on the shelf (if you partake in that tradition) likes celebrating birthdays! Join me later this week (or weekend) to learn more!!


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