Last Minute Valentines Ideas- the Adult Version

With valentines day on our door step, I thought I’d share a few fun and simple last minute gift ideas for the love in your life! Don’t worry- they’re all G-rated! You won’t have to hide anything from your children or blush profusely from 50 Shades of Grey-esque ideas. (Though, giving the series of books or movie tickets to your flame might also be an option. If you can handle it!!)


How fun would it be to give your love a float basket?! Yum…I totally dig it!


If you’ve got jam jars hanging around, this last minute gift idea will be a breeze! Hit up your local 7-11 or other candy store and fill a jar with gummy fish!


How adorable is this candle? I Love it!!


This gift looks incredibly real! What girl wouldn’t love flowers- especially these beautiful handmade carnations!! I bet your kids would even enjoy making these!


…of course, lingerie is always an option. If you choose this route, maybe these would also interest you- they’ll definitely help set the mood:




I just have to share this last one because it’s probably the quickest and easiest to complete. Does anyone else enjoy the fact that there’s Blockbuster and Foot Locker gift cards here?! (I’m not sure about our American readers, but those two stores are no longer in Canada). #TBT a day too late!
Did anything here inspire you? You can find some of the ideas I shared here on my Pinterest under gift ideas for the Fam.


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