Gratitude Days 42 to 53

Welcome to another weekend! Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? We are taking it easy today, but plan to head to our friends’ house tomorrow to help her celebrate her 8th birthday. We’re pretty excited, I think. I made her a birthday card- if you missed it, you can see it right here.
I’ve gotten pretty far behind in scrapbooking what I’m grateful for, so I sat down to catch up. Annnd I ran into a huge (in the heat of the moment) problem. I was recording them daily on my Facebook group page, or so I thought. When I scrolled through my posts, I could only find my last few entries! By then, I was totally freaking out! (Sometimes, Peg Plus Cat quotes are the best way to explain a predicament!) After I took time to count backwards to one from five, I realized that all was not lost- I would just pick up wherever my posts started again (without duplicating entries). I also decided that in the future, I’d scrapbook my entry first! Then- no oopsies!!
I’ve also noticed that my gratitude posts seem to be popular among my readers, so I felt it was important to keep up the momentum!
So, to catch everyone up, including me, here’s the last few pages I created:




What are you grateful for?


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