Tooth Fairy Ideas for Little Girls

It’s a big day in our house! Miss M just lost her very first baby tooth.



Because I wasn’t expecting it, I’m scrambling to find creative tooth fairy ideas. Thank goodness for Pinterest- and Google!  I never would have thought of some of these ideas on my own! Here’s what I’ve found- and, if you’re in the same predicament,  you might find these helpful!


Sprinkle fairy dust and leave footprints on the surface of your fairies’ choosing. Use your pinky to make its footprints.


Use hairspray and glitter to make fairy money. I’m not sure how this would work if you’re Canadian (like me). Fun idea, though!!




When your fairy visits, she/he could leave behind a balloon that has a surprise inside.


Put water inside a glass as well as the tooth that’s fallen out. When your fairy comes to collect it, the water will turn the color of the clothes it was wearing.


Can’t forget your tooth pillow!
Tomorrow, I’ll share boy-specific tooth fairy ideas! See you then!


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