Golden Delight Layout and Card

Hello! The weekend- for us, that is- is finally upon us! I’ve been feeling really drained lately, so I’m looking forward to a morning of sleeping in! I think my kids are looking forward to spring break- they’ve been harder to get out the door to school in the mornings, and they’ve been passing out in the afternoons. One more week of school, then we’ve got some time off. Woot!


This layout has me stumped. I’ve struggled with exactly how to embellish it for so long, that I’ve succumbed to putting it in my album and moving on. How would you “finish” it off?


I used this sweet 8.5×11 layout (by a friend of mine over at, BoBecca), and while I love her original, I’m not loving my version. Yet. I may revisit it in the future- time will tell!
I also made an anniversary card- just this morning. After dropping the twins off at school, I came home, gathered up a few things that needed to be mailed, then walked to the mailbox. Even though it was raining;  not hard, mind you, but it was still raining. It’s a welcome change over snow! It’s helping the snow vanish at a rapid rate! Come on, spring!
I found an anniversary invitation from my aunt and uncle. On April 23, they’ll be celebrating 50 years of marriage. That’s quite a feat! Since being married for 50 years (or any inbetween) calls for a handmade card, I immediately jumped onto Pinterest for inspiration. This one immediately caught my eye:


I saved it to my Fave Card Scraplifts board.  You’ll find it by following the links. Here’s what I came up with:


I loved the heat embossing on the original card, as well as the floral stamping around the sentiment on the original. I began by testing out stamping the floral design; if I didn’t like how the image looked stamped, I would have attempted heat embossing next. Fortunately, I like it the way it is!
The floral stamped image on the top of my card didn’t transfer as nicely as I would have liked, but I was able to fill in the gaping hole with pop dotted roses stamped in green (CTMH sweet leaf). I added one to the bottom portion of the sentiment for balance.
The green roses served a dual purpose- first, to provide a contrasting color, and secondly to signify springtime (since they got married in the spring).
(And, in case you’re wondering, the remainder of my stamping was done with CTMH saddle ink. I printed the “happy golden anniversary” using my computer, and I cut the journal tag its matted on with my Cricut,  using the Artbooking cartridge).
I hope they like it!


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