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Using Magic!


Hello! I’m just dropping in with a little ray of sunshine on this soggy and overcast day. Hopefully it’s a bright spot in your day, like it is for me!
This sweet little pooch belongs to my sister, and she’s cute as a button. Even though she’s teensy- and consequently Uber cute- until her teeth fell out, we tried overlooking how tremendously offensive her breath was! Can being cite make up for rotten doggy breath? You be the judge!
I’ve started thinking lately how important it is to include-in my scrapbook album- things, people and routines as well as the big, momentous occasions. I want to include things that might otherwise be overlooked. I plan on scrapbooking our favorite things, pets or certain things we loved, the first time we did certain things (our first movie at the theatre, for example), and whatever else we overlook or take for granted. I’ll do this sometime in the future, but not now. For now, I’m taking pictures of these things as I think of them.
Keilah made the cut- she’s on this list. She’s old and probably won’t be around for too much longer. She’s my sisters best friend and her literal fur baby. You should hear her whine- she sounds just like a newborn baby crying. The similarity is uncanny. Since my kids are young, they may not remember Keilah when they get older. I want to preserve a part of her so that they can learn a bit about her when they browse through their scrapbook albums as teens or adults. My last layout (scroll back two posts), about my brother in law, was also worthy of a page dedicated just to himself.
The design this spread is based on came from Close to My Hearts’ Magic Scrapbooking Confidence Program. It’s essentially an inspiration book designed to help jump start your creativity. Measurements and instructions are included with each sketch inside the book. They’re also available for purchase- there’s a number of books to choose from, including a card inspiration book!


I used CTMH Ivy Lane patterned paper (A and B sides), and chocolate card stock (Recollections). You’ll also notice the zip strips being used as decorative borders on both sides of the spread. I also used Carta Bella patterned papers here too!
As for stamping, I used a mixture of stamp sets- all Close to My Heart.
I hope you enjoyed my layout today, and I hope it inspires your own creativity!


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