Summer Trend

I’ve always been a bit clueless about trends and what’s “hot” in terms of fashion, decor, colors (I know, right? It’s a thing, and it’s real), crafting or anything else that’s deemed fashionable. That’s why I was inwardly super excited when I  learned of sone hot new trends to come on the crafting scene for this summer. Two of them, in particular, really excited me. I’ll give you some hints:



Flamingos and pineapples! How fun! I’m loving the vibrant and tropical vibe both of these evoke. It makes me want to find a beach somewhere, and sip a Pina colada  while reclining in a chair under an umbrella. Either that, or join a tropical safari for a glimpse of the brightly colored majestic flamingo…maybe a zoo would suffice?
Did I mention I came across this trend in Scrapbooks and Cards Today? Check out the link above- it’ll take you to their blog, which is the original source of this fun and must-watch-for and must-have trend.
What do you think? Are you as excited as me? Does something else excite you more?
(Disclaimer: I pulled both images from Pinterest)


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