…And So Began…

Good morning! I realized yesterday, that I’m drowning in a sea of unposted projects- layouts, cards and special requests, so I’m going to bulk up on the projects until I’m caught up!
So, to start off, I’ll share a card, personal layout- for my own album and a special request double page spread. I hope you enjoy!




In order, starting with my first layout, I used a brown, blue and red color scheme, which are the colors found in the pictures themselves. The paper clip I used, which  grouped together like pictures before they were scrapbooked, found a home on this layout too! Since it was still a “school” themed/grad layout, I thought it worked. The diploma embellishment has been in my stash for eons! I finally made use for it!
I made the card, which is in the next picture, for my husband’s aunt, who’s celebrating her birthday in late August. She lives in SK, so I wanted it finished early so I wouldn’t forget to make one!
Lastly, my personal layout, which is the third picture, began with the song Water, by Brad Paisley. It quickly turned into a group of lyrics to help describe my daughters’ affinity for water. I also just bought my first set of gelatos, and I tried them out on this layout!
Each project here was inspired by a sketch or card layout, and can be found on my Pinterest @TheEverydayScrapbooker
See you again tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by!


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