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Fall Has Arrived!

Hello dear friends! Forgive my long absence! I don’t have much to share these days- I’m hoping to remedy that in the near future. I placed my monthly CTMH order today, so by next week I’ll have new goodies to play with!
It’s also been a tumultuous couple of weeks here since I last posted. I had a severe allergic reaction to horses a couple weekends ago, that landed me in emerge and a prescription for an epi pen (which is new to me). I’ve always had allergies; I’ve just never reacted so severely before. Who knew allergies can worsen later in life?! As a result, I’ve been feeling fairly unlike myself since that incident. I’m feeling much better as of a couple days ago, but lost the scrappy bug in the process. Instead, baking has taken up residence! So…I’m still being creative, just using totally different mediums while I’m at it! Here’s what I’ve been up to:




(5 loaves of pumpkin bread under my belt!!)


(Family tradition Boterkoek- two batches ready to go), and I’m just about to try apple crisp in my slow cooker. Fall has arrived in the K-house!


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