CTMH Heartstrings Love Bug Layout


Hello, friends I’m back again with another layout. I completed this one last week, but haven’t been able to share it before today. I used up some more scraps- this time Heartstrings patterned paper (my last sheet of it!!). I also paired some Echo Park patterned paper with it.
I used my cricut to cut the large lady bug, the title and the photo mat. The googly eyed lady bugs I’ve had in my stash for eons. I’m so glad I got some of them used up!
Please join me again for more scrappy goodness in the near future! Thanks for dropping in.


CTMH Rainy Day Layout


I have all sorts of nicknames and other little phrases I call my children. Because I love them, and sometimes, because it so aptly sums up their personalities, it’s impossible not to affectionately call them something other than their given name.

Besides, it’s a parents’ right to nickname their babies. It comes with the parental territory! Of course, that’s my humble (and maybe biased) opinion. Lol!

Since very early on, the eldest of the twins has been cheery and generally easy going. Aside from their first nickname (which was kitten, from their sweet and weak newborn cries), Marens’ nickname swiftly became sunshine. She is still a ray of sunshine in our household. And, when I look at the pic in the layout above, that reaction is consistently evoked.

The look on her face melts my heart and makes me swoon. How can you not?

I used more CTMH Saffron cardstock, as well as some scrap white daisy and Heartstrings papers. The gold dotted patterned paper is Recollections (and also came from my scrap box!) The stamping came from the CTMH Rainy Day stamp set; the sequins are also CTMH (Seaside).

CTMH Saffron C+S layout

Hello! Wow, this is the first I’ve even *thought* about blogging since my last post. Life just gets crazy and overwhelming at times- and often simultaneously!
I was away at a crafting retreat last weekend and came home Sunday evening to an MRI appointment, blizzard, a sick child, field trips at school and eye appointments (as of today). It’s only Wednesday, but feels like it should Saturday already! Lol!
This coming weekend, I’m at a Christmas craft show here in my hometown. A lot of my stock sold last weekend, and I’m WAY under-prepared for the show this weekend. (I wasn’t expecting to sell as much last weekend as I did.) I love unexpected surprises!


I began scrapbooking pictures from the twins’ second birthday back in 2012, and in the pics above, my one daughter is chowing down on birthday cupcakes. I originally wanted to title my layout #nomnomnom but I don’t have a # stamp and didn’t have one in my cricut files. I wasn’t ambitious enough to hunt one down online. Instead, I played off Sesame Streets’ Cookie Monster for my title.

I used up some CTMH Seaside scraps in the background, and matted my design on CTMH White Daisy and Glacier cardstock. 

The other patterned papers are Echo Park. I felt they complimented CTMH’S Saffron ink (found in the title) quite nicely. The yellow in the floral patterned paper is a very close shade to Saffron. It’s perfect, a match made in heaven!

Stay tuned for another C+S layout in the near future!

CTMH Lollydoodle Sister Sister Layout

If there was any doubt my kids secretly loved each other, the pictures in today’s layout would put that to rest. Despite all their bickering and fighting, I know that they’re the very bestest of friends.

And, not just because they’re sisters.

And, not just because they’re twins.

They don’t know it yet, but they’re kindred spirits. They are like night and day, but that’s what makes them so perfect for each other. One day they’ll see that. It won’t be for a few more years, though. 😀


My daughters are drawn to certain colors- and I’m certain my husband and I unintentionally influenced that choice.

Miss M loves pink- dark pink, to be specific. As a baby, she got a pink sucky, so my husband could differentiate between our twins.

It was also for all our acquaintances. People still confuse the twins- including me, if I can’t see their faces. Deciphering who is who on the phone is impossible!

Miss A loves her some purple. And, on a side note, I learned last night that she also loves owls. Good to know! She had a purple sucky as a baby.

When they learned to talk, it didn’t take them long to tell us what colors were their favorite.

I wonder if it’ll ever change?

Since this layout is about both girls, I incorporated their respective favorite colors into it. I used my last sheet of CTMH Smokey Plum cardstock in the background, as well as CTMH Lollydoodle patterned paper for the title. All the die cuts were produced with my cricut explore.

I often see the girls holding hands these days. It just tells me they’re getting closer and closer as they grow older. They also appreciate their time together a bit more, now that they’re in separate kindergarten classes.

I wasn’t thrilled about the separation at first, but now I’m seeing it’s benefits. I’m happy my girls have found themselves through this process.

I’ll be back again soon. Thanks for visiting today!

(retired) CTMH Lunch Time Layout


I went crazy on the die cuts in this layout. Sadly, I don’t have many picnic or lunch type files to choose from, so I had to get creative in my thought process. Sometimes, I find my journaling helps determine the course (or change it) of my theme.
In this particular case, I wound up stamping then fussy cutting part of my title to complete this layouts theme. The rest of the die cuts make up my title and title mat.
I stuck with grey, yellow and white to compliment the grey in my daughters’ pants, and to highlight the fact that picnics can happen in the middle of winter, too! You’ll see a snowflake die cut photo mat peeking out above and below my photos. These pictures were taken in February (2012).
The patterned paper in the background is CTMH (retired); grey polka dot washi tape (Echo Park) denotes one of the ‘todays’ in the title mat.
Thanks for dropping by!

CTMH Blossom Always & Forever

If it wasn’t for a very dear friend of mine- many years ago- I would have never learned to love Starbucks. I also would not have learned, through a barista, to make my Venti Chai Tea latte extra hot with no water, and two pumps of vanilla.

Mm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We began a tradition, my friend and I.  At the time, she lived 45 minutes away from me, going to school in a neighboring town. She’s originally from Yellowknife, so a 45 minute drive was a welcome (and do-able) distraction from everyday life.

For both of us. Ha!

Any time she came into the city (where I lived), we would plan a Starbucks trip. Sometimes, we’d sit and visit over our lattes, other times, we’d pick one up and go shopping. It was always a good time, and now has become a very fond memory.

It’s also a tradition I’ve warmly embraced and kept alive any time I’m near a Starbucks and not too full from eating out elsewhere beforehand. This tradition is also transferring to my daughters. Although they’re way too young for coffee, I do allow them to get a tall Frappuccino (coffee free), smoothie or Chai Tea. They love it!


This layout is all about my love of Starbucks. Everything I mentioned above- but in less detail- is in the journaling right on my page. I used CTMH Blossom in the background, as well as the negative portion of a die cut from another project. I punched a strip of White Daisy cardstock, and adhered the zip strip from the Blossom paper ontop of it. The title is cut from white daisy cardstock using my cricut explore. The hearts were left over from one of the custom mini albums I made some time ago.

For fun, I submitted this layout to Paper Issues’ Espresso My Gratitude issue which closes December 6, I believe.

See you again soon, hopefully!

Rx Notes


It’s incredible how quickly time flies, isn’t it? When I sat down to create this layout, I was thinking my husband’s sleep test happened just a year or two ago. It surprised me that it was three years ago, already. We were just talking about it, too, at a recent doctors appointment my husband had. He thought it had been four years, but I didn’t think it had been that long.  It wasn’t, but it’s close!

I felt inspired to try something a bit different in this layout. I hadn’t used my acrylic paints in a long time, so I used grey acrylic paint to create a striped background. Some of my measuring was a bit off (after a bit of drying, I felt my layout needed more stripes). To fix my mistake, I “painted” a thinner stripe than they grey ones with Heidi Swapps’ Navy color shine. Using my craft mat as a guide, I used washi tape to mark the spaces I would paint. That way, the lines would be straight.

Because, I’m terrible at drawing (and, therefore, painting) straight lines free hand.

It wasn’t until I was nearly completed putting my page together, when the medical theme began to emerge (via the Rx and stethoscope die cuts). Up until then, I was aiming for an academic, nappy time theme. I created the loose leaf sheet of paper by once again painting, this time using a water color technique with a red gelato. Once the red strip was dry, I traced lines with blue ink using a straight edge ruler. Lastly, I measured the centre of the piece of cardstock and punched holes evenly along the left edge.

Lastly, the teddy bear got a cuttlebug treatment for a bit more texture.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my husband failed his sleep test three years ago. He’s lived with a c-pap since then, and has found its helped dramatically. It hasn’t solved the issue of his struggle with sleep, but that’s a post for another day. I’m certain a layout will be created in the near future documenting our latest round of health woes. 😂

Till next time!

My Favorite Things


Not long after my twins were born, my husband bought me a beautiful handmade chest (like a hope chest), and I put all the baby clothes that I adored the girls in for safe keeping. One day, I hope they’ll dress their daughters in the newborn clothes they wore.
I didn’t keep all the clothes they had, because let’s be honest: they had way too much for their own good. They may have been spoiled…

…because they were babies and because they were twins. I’m still not sure I believe twins are “common” nowadays. There’s more occurrence of it happening nowadays because of fertility treatments. Naturally occurring twins is not as common, I think.

But, I digress.

One (actually, two) of the items I put away for safe keeping is the adorable knit (and handmade!!) sweater my daughter is wearing in the pictures above. They looked so stinking cute in them, it was one of those pics I had to scrapbook. I’m glad I thought to even take a picture of her in it- even if she’s not facing the camera!

I created the background by both stamping (using the SOTM Paper Garden) in Outdoor Denim, Flaxen and Saddle and die-cutting the photo mat 3 times and rotating each layer one quarter turn. The yarn, title and embellishments were also cut using my cricut explore. Lastly, I cut strips of daisy white cardstock and journaled and doodled right on them.

CTMH Circus Alphabet Layout


My younger daughter has quite the personality. She has from early on. We often call her a goofball and clown. She adds so much life and vibrancy to our family. I wanted to capture that spark in a layout, and to do so, I used a few cut files that reminded me of the circus.

Why circus?

I tried thinking of things that are synonymous with the circus. Since my girl is a clown (and because I don’t have a clown cut file- and because clowns are my theme here-), I instead used an elephant, tent and ticket to help drive home that theme.

I used CTMH Blossom scraps and a miscellaneous sheet of purple cardstock on a CTMH White Daisy cardstock base. Also, I stamped the title using (retired) CTMH Circus Alphabet in Basic Black and Crystal Blue inks.

CTMH White Pines Let’s Play

Hello friends! I made a layout a few weeks ago, that I’d like to share with you.


I finally had the chance to create, and I finally had the chance to blog about it!PicsArt_10-31-08.03.15

I began creating this layout before I even had pictures printed for it. I  planned ahead so I knew exactly what pictures I would {eventually} use and what their orientation would be (meaning like horizontal or vertical).

Happily, my pictures arrived in the mail! After I put my munchkins to bed, I’ll add them to my layout.

I mainly used CTMH White Pines, and turned to my Cricut Explore for the cut files you see. There’s also a touch of Seaside in there too.

It feels good to be back again. Hopefully I can drop in again soon!