My Favorite Things


Not long after my twins were born, my husband bought me a beautiful handmade chest (like a hope chest), and I put all the baby clothes that I adored the girls in for safe keeping. One day, I hope they’ll dress their daughters in the newborn clothes they wore.
I didn’t keep all the clothes they had, because let’s be honest: they had way too much for their own good. They may have been spoiled…

…because they were babies and because they were twins. I’m still not sure I believe twins are “common” nowadays. There’s more occurrence of it happening nowadays because of fertility treatments. Naturally occurring twins is not as common, I think.

But, I digress.

One (actually, two) of the items I put away for safe keeping is the adorable knit (and handmade!!) sweater my daughter is wearing in the pictures above. They looked so stinking cute in them, it was one of those pics I had to scrapbook. I’m glad I thought to even take a picture of her in it- even if she’s not facing the camera!

I created the background by both stamping (using the SOTM Paper Garden) in Outdoor Denim, Flaxen and Saddle and die-cutting the photo mat 3 times and rotating each layer one quarter turn. The yarn, title and embellishments were also cut using my cricut explore. Lastly, I cut strips of daisy white cardstock and journaled and doodled right on them.


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