Rx Notes


It’s incredible how quickly time flies, isn’t it? When I sat down to create this layout, I was thinking my husband’s sleep test happened just a year or two ago. It surprised me that it was three years ago, already. We were just talking about it, too, at a recent doctors appointment my husband had. He thought it had been four years, but I didn’t think it had been that long.  It wasn’t, but it’s close!

I felt inspired to try something a bit different in this layout. I hadn’t used my acrylic paints in a long time, so I used grey acrylic paint to create a striped background. Some of my measuring was a bit off (after a bit of drying, I felt my layout needed more stripes). To fix my mistake, I “painted” a thinner stripe than they grey ones with Heidi Swapps’ Navy color shine. Using my craft mat as a guide, I used washi tape to mark the spaces I would paint. That way, the lines would be straight.

Because, I’m terrible at drawing (and, therefore, painting) straight lines free hand.

It wasn’t until I was nearly completed putting my page together, when the medical theme began to emerge (via the Rx and stethoscope die cuts). Up until then, I was aiming for an academic, nappy time theme. I created the loose leaf sheet of paper by once again painting, this time using a water color technique with a red gelato. Once the red strip was dry, I traced lines with blue ink using a straight edge ruler. Lastly, I measured the centre of the piece of cardstock and punched holes evenly along the left edge.

Lastly, the teddy bear got a cuttlebug treatment for a bit more texture.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my husband failed his sleep test three years ago. He’s lived with a c-pap since then, and has found its helped dramatically. It hasn’t solved the issue of his struggle with sleep, but that’s a post for another day. I’m certain a layout will be created in the near future documenting our latest round of health woes. 😂

Till next time!


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