CTMH Lollydoodle Sister Sister Layout

If there was any doubt my kids secretly loved each other, the pictures in today’s layout would put that to rest. Despite all their bickering and fighting, I know that they’re the very bestest of friends.

And, not just because they’re sisters.

And, not just because they’re twins.

They don’t know it yet, but they’re kindred spirits. They are like night and day, but that’s what makes them so perfect for each other. One day they’ll see that. It won’t be for a few more years, though. 😀


My daughters are drawn to certain colors- and I’m certain my husband and I unintentionally influenced that choice.

Miss M loves pink- dark pink, to be specific. As a baby, she got a pink sucky, so my husband could differentiate between our twins.

It was also for all our acquaintances. People still confuse the twins- including me, if I can’t see their faces. Deciphering who is who on the phone is impossible!

Miss A loves her some purple. And, on a side note, I learned last night that she also loves owls. Good to know! She had a purple sucky as a baby.

When they learned to talk, it didn’t take them long to tell us what colors were their favorite.

I wonder if it’ll ever change?

Since this layout is about both girls, I incorporated their respective favorite colors into it. I used my last sheet of CTMH Smokey Plum cardstock in the background, as well as CTMH Lollydoodle patterned paper for the title. All the die cuts were produced with my cricut explore.

I often see the girls holding hands these days. It just tells me they’re getting closer and closer as they grow older. They also appreciate their time together a bit more, now that they’re in separate kindergarten classes.

I wasn’t thrilled about the separation at first, but now I’m seeing it’s benefits. I’m happy my girls have found themselves through this process.

I’ll be back again soon. Thanks for visiting today!


2 thoughts on “CTMH Lollydoodle Sister Sister Layout

  1. So very cute! How neat that their favorite colors are what helped them have some individuality incorporated in the beginning… And an awesome thing about pink and purple is that those colors, though each different, go well with nearly anything- and especially when paired together! Awesome design and awesome story!

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