CTMH Rainy Day Layout


I have all sorts of nicknames and other little phrases I call my children. Because I love them, and sometimes, because it so aptly sums up their personalities, it’s impossible not to affectionately call them something other than their given name.

Besides, it’s a parents’ right to nickname their babies. It comes with the parental territory! Of course, that’s my humble (and maybe biased) opinion. Lol!

Since very early on, the eldest of the twins has been cheery and generally easy going. Aside from their first nickname (which was kitten, from their sweet and weak newborn cries), Marens’ nickname swiftly became sunshine. She is still a ray of sunshine in our household. And, when I look at the pic in the layout above, that reaction is consistently evoked.

The look on her face melts my heart and makes me swoon. How can you not?

I used more CTMH Saffron cardstock, as well as some scrap white daisy and Heartstrings papers. The gold dotted patterned paper is Recollections (and also came from my scrap box!) The stamping came from the CTMH Rainy Day stamp set; the sequins are also CTMH (Seaside).


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