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CTMH Noted

Good morning, friends! We’ve plunged into the deep freeze the last two days, brrr! We’re hunkering down to hibernate today! We had to venture out in the cold weather yesterday, so today we’ll stay in. Hopefully it’ll smarten up for school tomorrow!


As with my previous post, this layout was also inspired by a sketch. Find it saved to my Fave Sketches board here.
See the blank navy squares? They aren’t supposed to remain empty- I plan to fill them up. Since my girls learned to talk, I’ve recorded the sweet, silly and goofy things they’ve said over the years to my Facebook. Thank goodness for the On This Day app, because those very things I recorded over the years sometimes pop up in my news feed. The plan is to take those quotes and put them in the blank navy boxes. It may take a while, but I’ll eventually get those boxes filled. Patience is key!
Once this one is completed, I’ll be creating one of my other daughter. Stay tuned!


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