Misc. CTMH Projects

It’s the last day if our 4 day extra long weekend, and it’s come not a moment too soon.

I love my children, but Lord help me if I hear anymore bickering out of them before 9 am tomorrow morning.

I’ve heard enough of it over the last 4 days to last me until summer break.


On the bright side, I got a lot of scrapping done over the last couple of days. Without it, I would not have survived this weekend.

Bless their little conniving hearts.

I mentioned some time ago, that I had begun creating valentines for my kids to give to their friends at school.

I didn’t complete them until just a few days ago. It feels good to have them out of the way. Now I can devote time to organizing and planning my husband’s 40th birthday.

Oy. We’re getting old.



Originally, the teal valentines were going to the girls in their classes (the twins are in separate classes this year), and the red ones for the boys.

I realized early on that it would be too difficult for the girls to keep it straight.

Instead, the teal ones are for miss M’s class and the red ones will go to Miss A’s class.

Problem solved.

(It helped that A told me she liked the red ones best).

I also have the twins’ birthday invitations completed. They started out looking like this sample card, but after sitting on it for a while, I decided that I didn’t quite like it for an invitation.

The image in front of me didn’t match the image in my brain.

So, I tried again.


Much better!

Part of me (honestly) has been wondering if I should have added MH behind the skull (for Monster High), but I’m fairly happy with what I see already, so I’m leaving it.

All the pertinent party information is on the reverse side of the card.

That’s it for me today.

My kids just started watching Rio, so maybe it’s time for me to sneak away and play some more.

Till next time!


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