Washi Chicks

Hello Thursday!

I have to laugh- I just realized I didn’t title yesterday’s blog post. You know you’re tired when even that is too much work!

Feel good moment of the day: when you’re bumming around with your husband, following him to his place of employment (in his pick-up) because he’s bringing his work truck back to the yard from the truck wash, and he tells you- when he climbs into the truck beside you- that one of the shop guys thinks you’re cute. 😄

It’s never happened before and it made me feel quite flattered…hubs was flattered too, I think 😀

Ever had that happen?

I’m back again today to share another layout with you. This is such a fun double page spread- I’m slightly smitten with the design. I love it!

I started off with a double page sketch I found online by the Sweet Shoppe, but wound up using only the left page of the design as my double page spread.


I used a mixture of washi tapes (and you’ll find a series of projects that use a lot of washi tape in the near future. Stay tuned for that!!) to create the top and bottom border on both pages.

Next, I used my Cricut to cut the title and arranged it to create a vertical column to balance the horizontal columns created by the pictures and washi.

Lastly, my project didn’t feel complete until I added the 4×4 inch photo beside the bottom portion of the title. It helped tie up the loose ends- seeing the little chick’s in the picture helps finish the story my title began with.

(Although, my daughters are super cute chick’s, too!)

Try using washi as a design element on your next project. I’d love to see how it inspires you!


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