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Spicy Day

Hello dear friends! Once again, the week is coming to a close. My kids don’t have school tomorrow, so I think we’re going to relax and take it easy. On Saturday, we’re meeting Elsa, Olaf and Anna from Frozen, then heading to a birthday party. We’re pretty stoked about it!

I promised you a spicy post today. Grab a chair and get comfy- you’ll need it!

***Disclaimer: These photos are not mine***

(I am going to scrapbook them one day, though!!)



A little ways down the highway from my town, this happened. The jr/Sr high-school had to be evacuated as well as a mobile home trailer park that was within close proximity. All I know about it is a 12 year old child accidentally set the blaze, CN rail doesn’t plan to rebuild (although it’s an iconic piece of Alberta history), and no one/nothing else was damaged from the blaze.

My heart is so sad. I love history and historical buildings.


Mayerthorpe, the town this happened at, is in the background.


In my lovely hometown- actually, mere blocks from my home, a massive grass fire swept a field behind our Walmart and Staples. It was mere feet from homes when our Fire Department and Forestry teams got it under control. I still don’t know what started this blaze.


This picture both gives you a general idea of how large the blaze was, and how close it came to decimating one of the mobile home parks in town. (My house is somewhere in the top background there).

Lastly, here’s a couple of my own pictures.


View from my backyard.


We jumped in the truck to see if we could figure out exactly where the blaze was (at this point, we weren’t exactly sure), and we wound up sitting next to the pond one of the choppers was using to fill his bucket. It was really impressive to watch- the twins thought it was out of this world!

Their appreciation and respect for our first responders tripled on Wednesday afternoon- as did mine! (When this took place).

Oh- and even though we’re on the “edge” of town, we were sitting in a construction zone. It’ll be a near- future new subdivision. 😆

How was that for spicy? The blaze in our little town had us worried for a bit. I’m so glad no one was hurt and no one lost their homes or businesses. What a blessing!

Join me again tomorrow for more scrappy goodness!


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