Captain Underpants Layout

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We sure did. My daughter started feeling well enough just in time to head out of town and camp for a couple of days. I’m so relieved! It was a rough week, but I’m glad antibiotics and some good old fashioned r & r was all that was needed to get better.

Oh- I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful feedback on yesterday’s Pocket letters post. I knew it was a hot topic, but I wasn’t expecting such a warm reception to it on my humble little blog! I’m glad you proved me wrong! (Happily!) LOL 

In the next couple of days, I’ll be able to spill the beans about the other secret I’ve been keeping, but until then, I have a layout to share with you.


Kids do the darndest things. That’s all I can say about this picture! They make me laugh all the time! This time was no exception. One of the twins thought it would be a great idea to pull her undies over her head. (And, since there’s a lot of pink in this layout, I’m guessing it’s the older of the twins).

I began my page by spritzing some mist in the background, then layered the heart die cut on top.  I cut it with my cricut. Next, I dove into my scrap storage and cut a bunch of pennants to layer across the page. I finished off with some CTMH ribbon and a simple title that was cut with the cricut. 

My inspiration came from this sketch over on Pinterest.

Please join me again soon for a unique and non-traditional way to “scrapbook” your camping trips or other special getaways.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope your week is scrappy!


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