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River Rock Memory Keeping

Good morning!

Ever come across an idea that was meant for one thing, but you made it work for your own purposes?

I was surfing Pinterest one day, and pinned an idea that I thought would be a neat tradition to adopt when we go camping.

It turns out, the original pin was meant as a wedding idea.


I still adopted it. And, I still think it’s cool.

You know how some people bottle sand when they go to exotic places or on destination vacations? They keep it as not only a souvenir, but a tangible reminder of the beauty of the place they visited- and probably never will again.

All that soft, beautiful sand, layered on top of each other, in a beautiful vase, proudly displayed on a coffee table or mantel, somewhere in your house…sounds really great, doesn’t it?

The tradition I’ve adapted into our humble life is similar, but doesn’t include sand. Instead, it requires a Sharpie, vase and rocks. As in river stones.

Check it out!

So, what started as a wedding idea:


…turned into a camping idea!


Whatever campground we visit, we search for a rock large enough to record the name of the campground and the date. I keep a Sharpie and a vase under the seat at the table in our trailer, so that it’s easy to reach. Once it’s full, I’ll bring it into the house as a visual reminder of the places we’ve been and the memories we made while there. Then I’ll start on another.

In some ways, it’s another type of scrapbook. Even though I took pictures, and I’ll eventually scrapbook them, I can start the process of memory keeping even before we leave the campground. It’s memory keeping in its most primitive form.

It looks rustic and beautiful, doesn’t it? I really kind of like this idea!

(There’s only two rocks in our vase because this is only the second time we’ve been camping since buying this trailer! Our first time was September long weekend last year, and it was rainy and chilly! We ixnayed camping the rest of the year after that…this year, we could hardly wait to go!)


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