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Shoestring Planner

Hello, my friends!

The day has finally come to let the cat out of the bag. Spill the beans, if you will.

I’ve mentioned recently, that I’ve jumped on the snail mail bandwagon, as well as the Pocket letter bandwagon.  I’m considering snail mail and pocket letters to be one and the same when it comes to hot new trends. That means the other big trend I’m trying my hand at is life planners!

Yes, I’m giving it a go. The only thing is funds are tight, and there are sooo many goodies a person could buy. I Googled and searched on Pinterest for ideas, and the big names I came across were Filofax, Erin Condren, CTMH (yes, CTMH has joined the fun, too!), and many of the big scrapbook manufacturers (Simple Stories, for example).

Everything I saw online- including Amazon- started at $20- $30. Not including the accessories that are available to purchase along with your planner.


They’re beautiful. I love that Erin Condren provides interchangeable covers with her planners. I love the new Simple Stories Carpe diem planner collection. I just found- and love- Filo eye candy. There’s so much pretty stuff out there!

But funds are tight. And its expensive. And, I want to play along, but I don’t want to spend any- or very little- moolah. Anyone in the same boat? If you are, stay with me…I’m about to share what I plan to do, which will hopefully keep my wallet- and in turn yours- happy!

Here’s what I resolved to do, and what my plan looks like. I hope this inspires you, like it’s inspired me!

Shop around for the most budget friendly- aka cheapest– monthly calendar you can. Find one that’ll fit in your bag or purse. I chose one from Walmart (BlueLine brand, with one week view per two pages) for between $5 and $7 CAD. If the cover is plain or not very pretty, don’t sweat it. Alter it! (I plan on using my stash to alter the cover of mine, though I really like the color it is).

My plan is to skip purchasing stickers and other pretties to decorate my planner and instead use the art and crafts supplies I already have on hand to pretty it up. Use stamps, washi tape, stickers, whatever you have on hand that’s cluttering up your stash.

When things turn around, and when I am satisfied that I’m disciplined enough to keep up with this (the jury is still out in that department), I may bite the bullet and purchase a proper planner and coordinating accessories. Until then, this is how I’ll roll!

I hope to turn my budget friendly planner journey into a weekly spotlight. I’ll share tips and tricks I’ve come across, my own planner pages, and inspiration from around the Internet. Hopefully creating a planner on a tight budget appeals to you, and you’ll be inspired to start your own shoestring planner, too!

Join me on Tuesdays for more planner fun!

Hello, I am a mom of busy twin daughters and I’m a planner addict.

Life as a mom is hectic and busy, and I like the idea of carrying my calendar with me. I like the idea of making it pretty even more. There is enough things in our daily schedule to keep my planner interesting, so I’m diving in head first. I hope you’ll join me in this new, fun and colorful journey!


4 thoughts on “Shoestring Planner”

  1. So many pretty planners out there – and there really is a planner for every budget these but it can so easily get ridiculously expensive! I personally like the idea of Filofaxes and ring bound planners because once you spend the initial money on the cover, you can keep using it year after year and just buy the replacement inserts (or make your own to reduce cost!). As much as I love the ECLP, Happy Planner and Plum Planner, I’m not too fond of the idea of having to buy a new one every year considering how costly they are (especially when you have to add shipping to Ireland with the cost and the likely surprise customs charge I’d end up with).
    Stickers are a great way yo make your planner look pretty but yes, they can also get expensive! If you can make your own, it’s great. All you need is a printer and some sticker paper – and the patience to cut the stickers out. That’s what I did for several weeks to get the feel of using stickers because I wasn’t sure if they’d be useful in my planner (turns out they very much are)! If you want to test out planner stickers to see if you like them, you could always just print them out on normal paper, cut them out and glue them into your planner. With all the free printables out there, it’s a cost effective way of making your planner a piece of art as well!


    1. It’s a little overwhelming, there’s so many options. I am looking forward to trying out some of the free sticker printable out there, and I’ve come across articles for creating your own planner stickers using the Cricut. I have a lot of learning to do!
      And, since I am a Close to My Heart consultant, I suspect I’ll be ordering their planner when I am ready to purchase the “real deal”. I’m hoping it’s possible to just order new inserts every year- it would definitely be way too pricey to buy a new planner every year, too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. But at least it’s fun learning!
        I didn’t actually know Close to my Heart did planners. I’m gonna have to check that out…not that I need another planner…or do I? xD

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