Grandchildren Layout


I’m finding I’m turning more and more to Pinterest for title and journaling inspiration. After I have my sketch inspiration decided upon (this was today’s inspiration), I start mulling over title and theme ideas as I start getting the bones of my layout together.

Sometimes, that process stalls for a day, until something inspires me or I decide that the ideas I had aren’t good enough.

By not good enough, I mean they don’t really tell the story I want this spread to tell.

When that happens, I turn to Pinterest. In this case, I wanted to highlight what my moms- the twins Oma’s- feelings are towards my children. I’m fairly certain this would be a universal feeling between all grandma’s, worldwide.

I kept my design very simple and clean, so the pictures would do the talking, rather than the embellishing. All products in this spread consist of CTMH products. I colored the title in with my Shin Han markers- I love how it pops against the craft background!

Join me again tomorrow for another SMS (Snail Mail Saturday) post. I’ll be sharing a few more snail mail letters I wrote this week, and how I packaged them up to be mailed. I hope to see you then!


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