Snail Mail Saturday


I am a card maker, in addition to scrapbooking. At my last retreat (as in crop), rather than packing for layouts, I packed with card making in mind. I wanted to have a stash that was ready to go when special occasions called for it. Read about it here.

As I’ve gotten started in this additional new hobby of mine (Snail mail), I quickly learned two things.

First, if I’m going to send snail mail, why not include a handmade card with it?! I have lots already made, which means I have a lot I could send. If I send them, I’ll have an excuse to make more. It’s a win-win scenario! And, as a side note, in the card above, I left the inside of the card blank. In essence, I’m sending a small gift along with my letter! For just a touch more classiness, I used a bit of washi tape to secure the letter inside the card. (This particular card was an I’m thinking of you card.)

Secondly, I’ve learned since starting snail mailing that patterned lined paper is my friend. It looks pretty, keeps writing in a straight line easy, and it’s sometimes good to cheat. This is probably the only time cheating is allowed.

I am horrible at writing straight on a blank piece of paper, and I hate the time it takes to draw the lines with a ruler and pencil. Like, major time waster. I will do it in my scrapbooking, because I’m anal and that’s how I roll, but that’s where I draw the line. I want to make efficient use of my letter writing time, and lined patterned paper happily obliges.

Actually, I lied. I learned three things about snail mailing: I heart my Smash book date stamp. I like the fun and whimsical way it adds the date to all my letters! I may have found an excuse to buy more Smash products! I do believe I saw some at the Dollarama…my local Wally carries some Smash too…hmmm…the wheels are turning…

What are some of your favorite go-to methods when snail mailing? Share them with me below!


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