Shoestring Planner Tuesday


I’m starting to find my groove when it comes to my planner. Whatever images I can find on my cricut that correspond to things I’ve done during the week- such as going for coffee, no school or doctors appointments (refer to last weeks’ planner post)- I’ll cut and adhere in my planner. (By the way, yay for free cricut images! The coffee cup to go was a freebie that cricut posted last week. I wish I’d gone and cut several of them, as well as the other images, because they’d come in so handy in the future! Each week there are different freebies. Tuesdays- today- seems to be the day they’re posted. So, if you didn’t know about it, check it out!) I’m also planning to beef up my washi tape usage, and include a summary of the weather for each week.

Since I’m first and foremost a memory keeper, I thought adding a summary of what the weather was like during each week would be a great idea. To implement it, I simply die cut a sun (then water colored it) and cloud, then stamped a few rain drops beneath to show the weather at a quick glance. Maybe, in the future, I’ll take an average temperature from that particular week and include it, too.

I adhered the sun and cloud to the top right inside corner of my planner page. I plan to repeat that every week. One day, it will be neat to look back and know what the weather was during any particular week. Memory keeping at its best!

Its good to keep in mind that using your scrap bits of paper is great for filling your planner with pretties. I have such a large collection of scrap paper, that I quite like the idea of reducing my paper waste by using up as much of it as I can. If the occasion calls for it, small sheets of patterned paper- 5×7 or 6×6, for example- are great to use, too. (Refer to the school bus above. I have 5×7 sheets of school themed paper in my stash, so I used a sheet of it to create the bus).

Next, that little bit of washi tape inspired me to line each day view in a similar fashion, which you’ll see in next weeks’ post. Somehow, it just seems to fill the blocks that much more. It gives it a lot more personality and substance than leaving the blocks blank and filling them  with the odd embellishment. And…now that I look back on the pic above, the zip strip that’s adhered to the very top of the page inspired the washi, too. (It’s left over from yesterday’s CTMH post.)

I’ve also learned that using stamps with a silhouette image stamp much more nicely than solid stamps do. Large, solid stamps soak through the paper more; outlined stamps tend to limit that from happening. So, if I keep stamping in my planner, use stamps that aren’t solid! If they are solid, make sure they are small, and cover less surface area. Stamping on scraps and fussy cutting out is still a great idea, too, as is second generation stamping.  You’ll get a more worn, aged look from it.

I get such self satisfaction from looking back on previous planner pages. Seeing it all pretty and decorated leaves me feeling happy!


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