Recipe Sharing

I’ve been tossing this idea over in my brain for a few weeks, and now I’m looking for some input!

As you are aware, I am a fairly creative person. I share scrapbook layouts, handmade cards, the occasional project life layout and off the page project, and more recently planners and snail mail. All different creative methods, but still creative nonetheless. 

Is sharing the occasional recipe (my favorite ones, for that matter), something that would interest you, my friends and readers? If so, please comment below! 

I’m asking, because cooking and baking is another item that falls under art- creative being the umbrella term. I have a ton of recipes saved to my Pinterest; I don’t want them to sit, pinned but untouched, so plan to try a new recipe every so often  (once monthly, maybe), and if it’s a hit with my family, re-home it on my fave tried and true recipes board. If we like it- even if we don’t- I’ll share our thoughts and the outcome of our baking and cooking endeavors.

These recipes will all be kid and family friendly. Simple is also key! (I have a smoothie recipe I’m dying to share that’s just 3 measly ingredients- and super delicious!) 

So please, let me know your thoughts!


Way to Go!


Good morning! The week is half over already. Happy hump day!

I had to scrap this picture of my daughter “dressing” herself. I love that her sweater is on but on upside down. It makes me giggle!

Today’s bright layout was created using this lovely ScrapMuch? sketch and bits of leftover CTMH Taste of Summer and Happy Times papers. I chose a bright yellow background to keep things feeling warm and summery.

I cut the doily that’s peeking out from behind the top rectangle patterned paper with my cricut, then spritzed it with some bubblegum mist; the strawberries were also cut with my cricut.

To complete my page, I scattered a bit of stamping around my page, and adhered some sequins around the small pennant.

Thanks for joining me today and hopefully your day brings you some inspiration. 

Shoestring Planner Tuesday

Hey everyone, it’s planner Tuesday again! I have been setting aside zip strips from my CTMH papers, any scraps that are smaller than 2×3, as well as any elements that are punched, die cut or fussy cut that I’ve decided against using in my scrapbook layouts for use in my planner. I’ve been storing it in a small plastic container from the dollarama. It works quite well, but it’s starting to overflow! I need a bigger container, apparently. Maybe, I just need to use up more of these scraps, lol.

So, that’s what I did for last weeks’ planner spread. There is a bit of stamping amongst last weeks’ entries, but I mostly used my paper scraps. Of course, there’s my beloved washi in there, too. (Can’t forget that!)

I discovered, by mistake, that the boxes in my planner measure 2 inches by 4.5 inches. It inspired me to start using my bigger pieces of scraps to fill or partially fill each box or day view. In the future, you’ll start seeing more of this happy accident! Filling each (or some) day views will look great and they’ll serve as a great band aid for covering up boo boo’s, not to mention prevent the much dreaded page bleeding from happening! Actually, so are the pennants you see on today’s planner spread. Not only do they look pretty, they’re pulling double duty by covering some stamping from the previous page,  and activities I wound up needing to change after writing them in with permanent ink.

Thanks for joining me today. See you again soon!


CTMH Monday

Welcome to another edition of CTMH Monday! Here are my latest projects made using CTMH; I hope you enjoy! This post is relatively picture heavy, so without further adieu, here they are!








These last two pictures are one of the twins’ teachers’ thank you gifts. She is having a baby in October, and I thought this would be a nice way to thank her and congratulate her. (I shared the second photo to show what’s sealed inside the jar.) Everything to create this was bought from the Dollarama (yay!)- including the jar- and cost less than $10. (I had the kleenex on hand, as well as the clothes pins.)

I made the tag on my computer, and used some CTMH stamps to decorate it. I also tied the tag on with Lagoon twine. The white mesh ribbon came from the dollarama.

Danger using Momenta


I created this super simple layout using CTMH cardstock and a sheet of 6×6 patterned paper from a Momenta notepad. I thought the colors in it matched the mood and theme my page conveyed- uncertainty in a time where possible flooding loomed ahead of us. Luckily, the river didn’t flood it’s banks, but we sure thought it was going to!

I used some glitter alphas from CTMH to create my title, and cut a few embellishments using my cricut to complete this page. You’ll find my sketch inspiration here.

Snail Mail Saturday

Today, I thought I’d share how I typically write a smail letter. I’m sure there is room for growth and adjustment, but I’ve fallen into the groove of creating my letters this way, and I really like it! Maybe you’ll find inspiration through it, too!

There are literally tons of papers and stationery out there a person could use. It would make deciding which one (or multiples!!) you want difficult. That might even be an understatement. I’d want it alll. Who’s with me?! Lol

Since times are trying, and since I’ve had loose-leaf hiding in my cabinet for eons (probably since I graduated from college, which is a good 10 years, if not longer), I decided I would use it up before searching for anything else. Using something thicker would be nice, if I want to continue stamping, but this works for now. (I’ll share what I mean below). If you’re thinking of smailing, choose anything that suits your fancy and don’t feel guilty for it! I felt guilty for using plain old lined paper, but that lasted maybe three or four letters. Adding some “bling”- making it pretty, my own version of stationery, helped immensely. Lined paper can be functional and pretty, too! Now I don’t feel bad; I’ve found what works for me and that’s sufficient enough. Find what works for you and be happy with it!

As I mentioned above, I stamp in my letters. I have fallen into the habit of stamping the greeting to my recipient, then hand write the rest of my letter. Usually, the greeting is stamped with a brightly colored ink. (In this case, I used CTMH Whisper ink).


I also choose a color scheme before I start that I try and adhere to throughout my creative process. For this particular letter, I used mostly CTMH Hollyhock, Outdoor Denim and Whisper. The gel pen I use typically coordinates with the remainder of the package I’m sending, as well.

Next, I always use my roller stamp to mark the date in the upper right hand corner. The date is important to note so that the recipient can see when the letter was written, and they can look back on it (or their descendants!!) and enjoy the past. Sometimes I’ll include a stamped image along with it, other times I don’t.  It depends on the mood I’m in! Lol

Oh, and by the way, all my stamping, in every smail letter, is done with CTMH! Just a friendly FYI.

Beginning with this letter, I stamped the bottom of the page with a flamingo image, making my own stationery, in a sense. I love the look! Now that I’ve stumbled upon this sweet little trick, I’ll keep doing it in future letters!

Lastly, I like stamping about me when I reach the portion of the letter where sharing more about myself happens. I like that it draws attention to the fact that I’m about to share something important, and that the direction of the letter is about to change. I’ll likely stamp other “tabs” in the same manner in the future. I’ve only ever written intro letters, so far, in my smail journey, so I’ll have to share an update again in the future!

So, now you know what my letters typically look like. I like making my letters pretty since I’m using such blah paper, and I love creating “sections” throughout the letter to break it up a little and draw attention to certain aspects within it.

How do you make your letters memorable and stand out? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Snuggle Bunny


Today’s layout was created for a different Scrapbook Generation challenge during their last online crop. The challenge was to scrap lift a tag they’d created. This sketch was my inspiration.

Instead of bordering two 4×6 photos, I added a third 4×6 photo and filled the empty space with two 3×4 inch patterned paper squares then layered my scraplifted tag ontop of those. I used a punch to round the corners on all the pictures and patterned paper.

I cut the tag with my cricut (as well as my title), then layered washi tape, die cut bunnies and some CTMH puffy stickers ontop to complete the tag.

The majority of the embellies here came from deep within my stash, and I stamped a few elements just for good measure.

Cool Chick


Today’s layout was created using a mixture of products, using a sketch from Scrapbook Generation’s 2014 Create magazine. It was actually part of a challenge I participated in during their last online crop.

I started by layering some retired CTMH Happy Times patterned paper and coordinating zip strip on the left hand side of the page. The blue scallop is actually CTMH Glacier cardstock. The stamping here is also CTMH, which on this layout, is just the arrow beneath the title. You’ll also notice that the chick and mushroom are also created from the same CTMH Happy Times Paper. 

Next, I trimmed additional patterned papers from Momenta to 3×4 inch squares then rounded the corners with a punch.

Lastly, I layered my title and embellishments on top, some of which came from Jillibean Soup.

Thanks for joining me today!

Giggles & Grins


Today I’m sharing a layout I made using Creative Scrapbookers May 2016 sketchy sketch. 

I started by giving the background a Gelato watercolor treatment, then layered strips of gradient cardstock and the photo on top of it. It’s hard to see, but there is a white strip of cardstock to the left of the picture.

Next, I cut the title and pennant using my cricut, then added ephemera from a variety of manufacturers and some stamping to embellish. Some mist splatters completes this layout.

Shoestring Planner Tuesday


This week, I chose a red, white and black theme, with a few touches here and there of CTMH Thistle ink, as well.

A really great stamp set- that I’m finding I turn to regularly for my planner spreads- is CTMH From the Notebook. It’s a Stamp of the Month that hasn’t been released yet. How exciting is that?! Stay tuned for it, it’ll be available in the near future.

I love using this stamp set because many of the stamps within it are small, making them perfect for use in daily planners, snail mail, bullet journals, scrapbooking and card making. So, all those little stars, arrows, envelopes, thumbs ups, tabs, etc are all from this particular stamp set. (And then some. I haven’t used all the stamps in this set, yet! You will see sneaks of more of it in the near future- on layouts and in my personal mail art. Keep your eyes peeled for it!)

Yes for versatility!

As a side note, the For the Notebook stamp set is not currently available to purchase. I will let you know when it is available, though!