Shoestring Planner Tuesday 

Welcome to Tuesday! I have another planner spread to share with you today!

I went crazier than normal with the cricut die cuts last week; there are a little of shapes that are starting to pile up, I’m finding! So, I decided to throw them in here, instead. There’s also some stamping, washi (My love), and some new bright pen colors!

During my errands running, I came across a set of features pens at the dollar store that I thought would be great to use in snail mailing and my planner, and after mulling it over for a couple of days, I bought them. They were just $3. How could you go wrong?!

Now, this brings up something else I’ve been thinking deeply about: color coding my planner.

Yay or nay? What are your thoughts? Leave some love in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Shoestring Planner Tuesday 

  1. Love how it looks!
    I know a lot of people colour code their planner but I’ve never bothered – I’m happy with just my black pen! So much easier to deal with because having to change pens just seems annoying and what if you need to add something in but don’t have the right colour pen with you.

      • Well if you’re planner stays on your desk or something then it’s probably not too difficult but if you travel with your planner then colour coding can be tricky. So I guess it depends on how you use your planner. I imagine colour coding is useful though if you’re planning for multiple people because you can use different colours for each person.

      • Luckily mine doesn’t travel with me. Mostly because I haven’t switched from a purse to a crossbody/messenger bag yet. When I get that done, it’ll come with me 😀
        I do kind of like the idea if color coding, though. Certain colors for certain activities sounds exciting. Or, maybe that makes me a nerd 😉

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