Shoestring Planner Tuesday

Hello, friends.

I’ve adopted somewhat of a color coding method to record various events in my planner. While it won’t be painfully obvious for some time yet, there are hints of it finding it’s way into my weekly spreads.

The items marked in felt pen (you can see that it’s brighter and thicker than my finetip pen writing) are part of my color coding scheme. 

I had no clear direction last week when I wrote in our appointments and reminders- as far as color coding goes; this week (my next planner post) a pattern will begin to emerge. I used the last page in my planner, which is reserved for notes), to make a legend. I imagine I’ll be adding to that list as time goes on.

For now, things like incoming/outgoing snail mail, appointments and coffee dates, and anything school related all have their own certain colors. 

Thanks for joining me today!


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