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Snail Mail Saturday 

I wanted to share my latest outgoing smail letters with you. I wrapped the envelopes with pretty, brightly colored washi tape, and in the bottom photo, I threw in some sequins for a loose, sparkly surprise when the recipient opens her letter. I think I’ll do this again. I really like this idea!

Next, I also wanted to show you my most current of intro letters. I’ve slightly changed creating sections throughout, by using cute printed post it notes and handmade pennants as tabs.

I found these post it notes at my local Walmart, but I’ve also heard they are available to purchase at Amazon. Spoiler alert: I want more!!!

Lastly, here’s snippets of my recent incoming mail.

How cute is the washi tape that borders the bottom of the envelope in the foreground?! The lollipop and dinosaur stencil are there purely to protect identities 😁

I won a happy mail giveaway! A member in one of the Facebook smail groups I’m in held a giveaway to name her new pet bird. I suggested the name Bindi (among others), and my name suggestion was chosen! My prize was 4 handmade bookmarks and 4 handmade magnets made from photos I had chosen. You’ll see both my daughters, myself and my sister, and our little pooch in each of the magnets. (I am the dark haired girl with glasses…hi!!) Now you can put the face behind the name! 😁

(I also have a Peacock and rooster fetish, which is why you see those in the bookmarks in the background.)

Did anything about your day inspire you today? I hope so! 

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