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Shoestring Planner Tuesday 

Hello friends, it’s planner time again!

(Why does “planner time” remind me so much of MC Hammers’ Hammer Time?)

I’m loving how colorful my planner is becoming now that I’m using my awesome Dollar store felt marker find! It’s so purdy!!!

Red is for reminders- which I just realized is perfect for remembering because they both start with the letter R; coffee dates are bright blue, my grocery shopping day is in lime green (green for veggies…smart, right?) and so on. I don’t want to bore you with the total run down of my color legend, so I’ll stop at this. Unless you’d like to know more! Comment if you do!

I added more colorful accents from my scrap basket, and as always you can see my washi tape throughout. 

Swimming lessons is over now, but next week (which is actually this week) is full of day camp (and some much needed mommy me time) goodness! 

I hope you’ll join me again!

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