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Shoestring Planner Tuesday 

Hello friends,

I haven’t been doing as much scrapbooking lately, and the scrapbooking I have done has (surprisingly) been staying in my layouts and not winding up in my scrap baskets. Sadly, some of the die cuts living in my scrap baskets are just way too large for my humble planner, otherwise I’d have used them here!

 As a result, I’ve started using up my vast sticker stash to decorate my planner. I think it’s rather plain- I prefer the look of die cuts gracing my planner pages rather than strictly stickers. (I’m not about to cut images just for the sake of decorating my planner, though. That’s just too much work and I tend to be rather lazy at times). This would be one of those times. Lol

One of the stickers I used actually came from one of my pen pals (at the moment, it feels like she’s my only pen pal, because she’s the only person who has consistently written me!) I don’t think that’s the truth- it’s just my anxiety getting the best of me. 

The rest of the stickers are dollar store finds- which also happens to be another terrific method for creating a shoestring planner! Stickers typically are just $1, so you can purchase a lot for a great price. Once my stash has finally dwindled (let’s face it- that won’t happen for awhile), I’ll stock up again at the dollar store and/or dollarama. 

Thanks for joining me- I hope something about today inspires you!

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